• 50 Years Later

    MKO, founded initially on Islamic ideology and tilted toward Marxist armed struggle, later shifted to pure Marxism, with no Islamic Ideology, gaining widespread notoriety lasting up to the present day.

  • Assignment Iran: David Burnett

    David Burnett, an American magazine photojournalist, recounts his experience during the Islamic Iranian Revolution including his “Man of the Year” portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini, published in Time.

  • Currents of Life: Ali Iskander Alexander Loh

    In this documentary we meet a German Muslim convert, Ali Iskander Alexander Loh and his Muslim family. He tells us about his extraordinary journey towards Islam and his new life as a Muslim man.

  • Iran: Women and the Islamic Revolution

    After the fall of the Shah in 1979, Iranian women found themselves in a new situation. Their struggle alongside men, constitutional rights, equality and hijab were recurrent themes at that time.

  • I Am from Iran: Siavash Riahi

    A young Iranian scientist in the field of chemistry, Siavash Riahi, along with his wife, talks about his personal and academic life.

  • Iran-Trotter: Navroud

    Javad Gharaei is a young tourist who travels across Iran to explore the country’s most exotic places. In this episode, he visits some villages near the Navroud River in Gilan.

  • Iranscape: Marcello and Hussein

    Marcello and Hussein are two foreign students at Tehran University who, at the same time, are learning the Persian language. They talk about their experiences of living and studying in Iran.

  • The Battleground

    In a surprising turn of events, Donald Trump won battleground states in the 2016 US election to become the 45th American President. But how did this happen? And what will a Trump presidency look like?

  • Revolution of the Euphrates

    This documentary goes to the front line of the fight against Daesh in Iraq and shows the Popular Mobilization Units in action.

  • Race for Justice

    The U.S. police brutality and lethal violence against African Americans has escalated during recent years and the U.S. so-called justice system shows no trace of willingness to bring the corrupt police forces to justice.

  • Ghavam al-Saltaneh Street

    One of the oldest and most beautiful Tehran neighborhoods – Ghavam al-Saltaneh Street – is where Iranian Christians, Jews, Zoroastrians, and Muslims live and work in peace.

  • Iqbal: The Eastern Wisdom

    Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s birthplace, his family members’ personalities and how all this affected the way his personality and way of thinking formed are depicted.