• Iran-Trotter: Hawraman

    Javad Gharaei is a young tourist who travels across Iran to explore the country's most exotic places. In this episode, he visits the mysterious region of Hawraman in Kurdistan Province.

  • The Tragedy of Russia’s Reforms

    Recounting Russia’s refuge from communism to Western capitalism, this documentary implicitly warns those who plan on opening up to the West of the consequences.

  • Forced Sterilization

    During his presidency, Fujimori put in place a genocidal program of forced sterilizations against indigenous people in the name of a “public health plan”. Here is the story by the victims.

  • Brexit: Britain's Great Escape

    After decades of uneasy relations with Europe, Britain decided to take back control in the 2016 referendum and withdrew from the European Union. But why did the British people turn away from the EU?

  • Iranscape: Hassan and Daniela

    Hassan, from Syria, is learning the Iranian way of building one’s nation. Daniela is from Slovenia and she passionately studies Persian art. They are both learning Farsi by making friends.

  • You Narrate the Spring

    This film shows the situation of civilians during the siege of Nubl and Al-Zahraa in Syria by Daesh Takfiri terrorists and the armed struggle that ultimately led to the liberation of the two towns.

  • The Forgotten Race

    Since 1932, the indigenous people of the Americas, mistakenly labeled as “the Indians”, have been subject to discrimination and cruelties. This documentary investigates this matter.

  • The Insanity Season

    A documentary dealing primarily with a newly-produced Iranian movie called “Midday Event” which portrays the MKO terrorist group after the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in 1979.

  • Iran-Trotter: Siraf

    Javad Gharaei is a young nature explorer who travels across Iran to explore the country’s most exotic places. In this episode, he visits Siraf, an ancient port in Bushehr Province.

  • Iranscape: Sara and Mumit

    Sara and Mumit have come to Iran to study the Persian language for different reasons. In this episode of Iranscape they relate their experience of living in Iran.

  • The Winter

    This film narrates the devastating social and educational impact of Takfiri terrorist attacks and their ideology on the Syrian people and children.

  • Currents of Life: Jasmin Rastetter

    Jasmin Rastetter is a young and enthusiastic Muslim convert from Germany who speaks about the incredible story of her conversion and her active role in the Muslim community.

  • Israel Above the Law: Stricken Playgrounds

    The unbearable conditions created by the Zionist regime on the people of Gaza have crippled their economy and had forced the youth to leave Gaza on death boats.


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