• Huelva: A Different City

    This documentary reveals one of the greatest disasters in Europe both in size and in duration, that is, the raft of phosphogypsum in the waters of the Spanish city of Huelva.

  • My Ballot

    With the 2016 US presidential election in full swing, this documentary exposes the tremendous amount of money spent on the campaigns and how money helps to shape the outcome of the elections.

  • The Lion of Ghouta

    This film is about the life of Mohammad Mahmoud Ali, a Syrian army commander, who was killed fighting against terrorist groups in this country.

  • Stem Cells in Iran

    It has been more than a decade that stem cell centers have begun their activities in Iran to conduct scientific experiments and offer cutting-edge medical services; among them infertility treatment.

  • Assignment Iran: Eric Bouvet

    This film is about Eric Bouvet, a French Photographer of International reputation. During his career, he has travelled to many countries around the globe, including Iran.

  • Vietnam: Orange Memories

    During the Vietnam War, the US Army used Agent Orange as part of its herbicidal warfare program. This agent became the main reason of more than 500,000 birth defects in both the US and Vietnam.

  • Nano in Iran

    Despite years of war and sanctions, Iran is one of the leading countries, ranked the eighth, in the world in nanotechnology. Iran’s latest nano advances are put to display in this film.

  • Currents of Life: Abdulrahman R.Doil

    Abdurrahman Doil is a young and enthusiastic Muslim convert from Germany who speaks about the story of his conversion and his active role in the Muslim community.

  • Iran: Qom

    As the world center of Shia studies, the city of Qom is a unique city due to the Holy Shrine of Hazrat Masumeh, Jamkaran Mosque, and international students in seminary schools from 100 countries.

  • Asotrecol

    The documentary shows the protests of the ASOTRECOL or the Association of Injured Workers and Ex-Workers of General Motors to protect their rights denounced by GM.