• Israel Above the Law: Stricken Playgrounds

    The unbearable conditions created by the Zionist regime on the people of Gaza have crippled their economy and had forced the youth to leave Gaza on death boats.

  • Monsignor Romero​

    Starting as a conservative priest, Oscar Romero turned into an active advocate of the human rights in Central America. This film reports his life and his suspicious murder in1980.

  • Seeds of Discord

    The organized crime of producing and trafficking marijuana and opium in Michoacán, Mexico has now reached the homes of the innocent local farmers of this region.

  • The Death Driver

    This documentary looks into three cases of assassination of innocent Iranian Kurd civilians committed by the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

  • Relics of Persia

    A group of tourists recount their fascinating experience of travelling through some ancient cities of Iran on a train.

  • Iran-Trotter: Esfandiar

    Javad Gharaei is a young tourist who travels across Iran to explore the country’s most exotic places. In this episode, he visits the saffron-covered village of Esfandiar in South Khorasan Province.

  • The Sanctuary

    The sad life story of the Syrian people is now retold by an Iranian man who travels there and discovers that the holy shrine of Hazrat Zaynab (PBUH) is a strong-standing sanctuary for these people.

  • I Am from Iran: Bagher Larijani

    Bagher Larijani is a well-known Iranian professor of Endocrinology and former Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences. He talks about his personal and academic lives elaborating on his areas of interest in medical sciences.

  • Anti-War Artist: Michael Culver

    Michael Culver, a prominent English actor, is also an anti-war, peace activist. His ideas are put into perspective along with interviews of two of his artist friends who talk about his character.

  • Iranscape: Mehdi and Garik

    In this episode of Iranscape you will meet Mehdi, from Afghanistan and Garik, from Armenia. Both fluent in Persian, they have discovered a major part of their lives in Iran.

  • 50 Years Later

    MKO, founded initially on Islamic ideology and tilted toward Marxist armed struggle, later shifted to pure Marxism, with no Islamic Ideology, gaining widespread notoriety lasting up to the present day.

  • Assignment Iran: David Burnett

    David Burnett, an American magazine photojournalist, recounts his experience during the Islamic Iranian Revolution including his “Man of the Year” portrait of Ayatollah Khomeini, published in Time.


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