• Syria Dispatches: An End in Sight?

    Six years into the war in Syria, the film tries to give a vivid picture of the country both on the front line and behind it. As Daesh is waning, things are looking up in this country once again.

  • Drugs: No Way Out

    Iran, the frontline of the war against drug traffickers who transit drug from Afghanistan to Europe, has taken a lot of efficient measures to fight against illegal drug trade.

  • The Rules of Engagement

    This doc exposes the brutal reality behind the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and looks at the activities of a group of former Israeli soldiers leading a campaign against Israel's occupation.

  • Helping Hands

    A magnitude 7.3 earthquake hit Iran’s Kermanshah province on November 12, 2017, the quake devastated whole towns and villages in a matter of seconds. This doc looks at the relief operations after.

  • Iran Petrochemical Industry

    This documentary looks at the Iranian petrochemical industry from its fledgling years when oil was first discovered to the role it now plays in the international arena.

  • Under the Skin of Black Britain

    Despite strides towards equality, Britain’s black population is discriminated against and left at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder. This series provides insight into the UK's racial history.

  • The Tragedy of Russia’s Reforms

    Recounting Russia’s refuge from communism to Western capitalism, this documentary implicitly warns those who plan on opening up to the West of the consequences.

  • Brexit: Britain's Great Escape

    After decades of uneasy relations with Europe, Britain decided to take back control in the 2016 referendum and withdrew from the European Union. But why did the British people turn away from the EU?