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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And Post-Communism Russia is a place in which many are restoring their suppressed faiths or find new paths of spirituality. Thus Islam is fast growing in this coldest of places and the biggest country in the world. In this movie we meet Rodion, a very young muscovite who has found new warmth within Islam and has set off on a soul-searching voyage to his final conversion and beyond. He finds out that conversion is by no means the last step but rather the very stepping stone upon which he is to build lasting changes for the better. To make breaking the news to his Mother, even more emotional, he finds out that she is terminally ill. He takes this in his stride and knows that his faith will see him through difficult times. In Rodion we also follow him as he travels to Iran and the Holy City of Mashhad where he finds true connectedness.


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