The Front Line

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In today’s world, narcotics and its related business play a pivotal role in the relations among states and politicians. The huge financial cycle in the narcotics market has paved the way for corruption among high-ranking, international policymakers and politicians at high levels across the globe. Nobody can deny the high costs the narcotics business impose on different communities; in the meanwhile, some of the Western politicians have put the expansion of this business at the top of their agendas with the purpose of extending their influence in developing countries. In our documentary “The Front Line”, the production, distribution, and consumption cycle of narcotics in the Middle East, with a particular focus on Afghanistan and Iran, are analyzed through conducting interviews with experts and political analysts, providing useful, informative data and figures about the issue, and putting into perspective the real players, philosophies, and policies behind this sophisticated business and its development. The main issues discussed include: the role of Afghanistan and neighboring countries in the narcotics cycle, Iran’s international and extraterritorial measures to prevent the expansion of the narcotics business, as well as the attempts and strategies put forward by Iran to confront the narcotics issue in the country.


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