Iran, Israel and America: Nuclear Hypocricy

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For decades Western leaders have claimed that the Islamic Republic of Iran poses an existential threat to the safety and security of the world by its alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons. Many claim further that Iran is religiously fanatical, anti-Jewish and that ultimately it seeks to wipe the Zionist regime off the map. To the contrary, Iranian leaders point to their peaceful history and have repeatedly declared that they have never and will never seek nuclear weapons because it is immoral and against God’s Will. Therefore, somebody is lying here. In this program, we dispose not only who is lying but the insane programs and schemes behind the lies. The Zionist regime, US, and, by implication, the West aim at implementing the “Balkanization of individual states” strategy, as they have already done so in some of the countries of the region, in Iran. Different experts and political analysts talk about the cunning strategies worked out by Israel and the West and how they plotted to implicate Iran in a nuclear program to achieve their hidden goals.


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