Blades on the Storyline

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Mass media – as a public belief constructor - play an important role in both informing people about what goes on across the globe and shaping their mindsets and belief systems. In the meanwhile, mainstream media have been utilized by different systems to influence people's attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors throughout the history. The Nazi and Communist propaganda exercises epitomize this media role. After the rise of ISIL as a terrorist group in the Middle East, its activities have received widespread attention in the mainstream media. Moreover, this terrorist group’s use of media has become an important focus of concern particularly after it released videos and images of beheadings and mass killings. An exclusive, thought-provoking documentary, Press TV’s “Blades on the Storyline” deeply analyzes ISIL’s media war which is particularly aimed at fulfilling its callous objective, i.e. to creep into the minds of households and political circles throughout the world. Leading figures in documentary making and media analysis are solicited to tap into ISIL’s agenda of media strategies and to see how this Takfiri, terrorist group’s propaganda machine can be compared with its Nazi or Communist counterparts. In the end, the documentary comes to the conclusion that, although a relatively small and intricate industry, today’s mass media continues to allow this barbaric group to get its message out, hence permitting its propaganda machine to flourish.


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