Husayn’s Sky: The Highest Place in Heaven

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Abdolhamid Ghadirian, a famous Iranian artist, portrays the spiritual state of Imam Husayn and his companions on the night of Ashura in one of his paintings.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Abdolhamid Ghadirian, Painter: “How much is the proportion of the sky in our lives?

The ultimate goal of humanity is to enter this circle. This circle is that rescue ship.

One of the most beautiful scenes of Ashura (the tenth day of Muharram) is its night.

After being with Imam Husayn for 32 days, his companions circle around him and talk to him. They express themselves in one way or another. They all show their power to sacrifice their lives for their Imam.

Seeing his companions’ loyalty, Imam Husayn shows them the highest place in heaven.

What a pity that painting is unexpressive; what a pity that painting is limited. Not only painting but also the whole world is limited. The world cannot show heavenly lights. This painting is a sign.A small sign of a big event.”

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Abdolhamid Ghadirian, Painter: “Based on his or her knowledge about the Prophet’s family, Imam Husayn and the universe, everyone can imagine the hidden layers of this scene and enjoy it. This painting is a sign.

In this scene, the proportion of the sky is very large. That’s why I have contained this proportion in the painting; a swathe of earth and a big sea of the sky have been formed.

Imam Husayn’s companions didn’t stand beside him to enter the highest place in heaven. The Imam’s companions stood with him just for his own sake. The men of Ashura reach such maturity as if they fathom their Imam.

When I look at the Imam’s companions, I realize that they own their maturity to the Imam. Some of these companions were first the Imam’s opponents. But when they accompany the Imam, in other words, when they join the caravan, they come to maturity as the caravan moves on. They go up.

What does it mean to say the people of the caravan came to maturity?

It means to understand the Imam.

That’s true that from the very beginning they accompanied their Imam, but it was during the journey that they came to a full understanding of their Imam. During this movement, they understood their Imam. They realized who their Imam was. They found out the status of their Imam; that the Imam was for the whole world.” 


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