Husayn’s Sky: The Smallest Soldier

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While painting through narration, Abdolhmaid Gadirian depicts the role and presence of the little Ali Asghar in the tragic event that took place in Karbala on the 10th of Muharram.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Abdolhamid Ghadirian, Painter: “How much is the proportion of the sky in our lives?

Some downward strokes of the brush to paint some worldly stars and then the sky which has been open, then some tents to be drawn to represent the camp.

We can use any opportunity to make a connection with the Prophet’s family.

Painting offers a very good opportunity. In the event that happened in Karbala, what was a suckling child doing?

What was his role?

What is the role of Ali Asghar in the stage set by God?”

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Abdolhamid Ghadirian, Painter: “On this stage, each and every one in the caravan is saying their prayers by themselves in the middle of the night.

Apparently, Ali Asghar is alone.

Ali Asghar, like his father, is renewing his alliance in memory of the Ummah’s mother, Lady Zahra.

It’s a splendid beautiful scene.

What a pity that the painting cannot portray the delicate dimensions of this presence.

When you pay attention to this scene, you see each and every person in the caravan has shouldered their duty as the Imam’s soldier in a good way.

We all have been taken a covenant to be soldiers of the Imam. As had been Ali Asghar. He proved to be a good soldier.”


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