Currents of Life: Mariam Geist

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Germany has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Approximately 3.0 to 3.5 million Muslims live in Germany. Estimates claim that 100,000 of them are German converts to Islam. And recent statistics show a continuing increase in their numbers. Many of the converts are young educated women. In this episode of "Currents of Life" we will meet a German woman who has embraced Islam. Her name is Mariam Geist and she will share her unique experience and the story of her conversion to Islam. Mariam was born and raised a Christian and was a devout Catholic before she became acquainted with Islam through a Muslim girlfriend at University. From then her journey towards Islam started. After reading the Quran and doing research she finally spoke the Shahada and officially became a Muslim. But her story does not end there, Mariam later became a Shia Muslim and is now a translator of Islamic Shia text and literature to German. In retrospect Mariam feels that her path towards Islam was planned out for her by Allah.


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