Currents of Life: Abdul Qadir Schabel

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There are many statistics in the media that highlight the phenomenal rate at which people are converting to Islam. One report states that 4,000 Germans convert to Islam each year. Some of the reasons given why people convert to Islam are the eloquence of the Quran’s language, its overwhelming scientific evidence and proofs, arguments rooted in intellectual reasoning, and the Divine wisdom behind various social issues. The uniqueness and beauty of the Quran’s text has been marveled by the best of Arab linguists and scholars, both Muslim and otherwise, from the days it was revealed until today. The Quran challenges humanity at large to think, reflect and ponder over their affairs on numerous occasions. When studying the many cases of new Muslim converts, we see that engaging in critical thinking and intellectual reasoning have led people to change their non-Islamic faiths. One such individual who converted to Islam over three decades ago is Abdul Qadir Schabel. Born in a Christian family in Germany, Abdul Qadir embraced Islam in 1979 in his youth and he later married a Muslim woman from Afghanistan. From the early years of his conversion Abdul Qadir has been active in social and cultural activities in his community. He is now an active and valuable member of the Islamic community in Germany. In this episode of "Currents of Life", Abdul Qadir tells the incredible story of his reversion to Islam and how he has been serving his faith in the past 37 years.


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