Currents of Life: Andreas Yasien Herrmann

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Across the globe individuals from different backgrounds and cultures are reverting to Islam, to make Islam the fastest growing religion in the world. Many of the world's new Muslim converts are people from Western countries. Germany has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe after France. Approximately 3.5 million Muslims live in Germany and a considerable portion of them are German converts to Islam. Estimates claim that their numbers are increasing. In a world where Islamophobia and the wrong representation of Islam is rife, there are still individuals who find the true path of Islam. And each of these individuals who has triumphantly found the light at the end of the tunnel has an extraordinary story to tell. They have come a long way and have been lovingly guide by God. In this episode of "Currents of Life" we will meet a German man who has embraced Islam. His name is Andreas Yasien Herrmann and he will share his unique experience and the story of his conversion to Islam. Andreas Yasien was born and raised a Christian but ultimately God Almighty had other plans for him. After meeting the love of his life, a Muslim woman, Andreas Yasien became acquainted with Islam. Though he had lost all hope of marrying this woman due to her family's opposition, Yasien had found a new passion in his life. He continued to study about Islam and finally embraced it by speaking the Shahada. Yet this story has another happy ending too. With a twist of events he miraculously managed to gain permission to marry the woman he loved and he now has two beautiful children.


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