Donald Trump, the Decline of an Empire

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Donald Trump's views, policies and rhetoric have raised concerns among Americans. This documentary elaborates on Trump's standpoint on different issues.

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Narration: This is a compliment; or a perhaps a back-handed compliment; or maybe an analysis; or something like that … a very special character … a changed character … change for the worse … in the history of the United States of America … the way US citizens have found it … This is Donald Trump; a racist; this is Donald Trump; a fascist; This is Donald Trump; a two-faced man; Mr. Nominee and no one else …

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Manuel Frías, Member, Socialist Party: “They decided to choose the worst possible candidate; basically, they put him up in front of us as a candidate; they are indifferent to what we have invested in this country.”

Narration: It’s hard to notice but the American Dream has died,away from prying eyes; Today, a newcomer has stepped on the political scene; a neocon populist from the Right.

SOUNDBITE [English] Donald Trump, Republican candidate of US Election:“You know, we win the New York. is over.Right?”

Narration: Over the past decade, in citizens’ assemblies interested in the constitutional values, urban development was a high priority. But today, civil rights have been brushed aside.

SOUNDBITE [English] Protester: “Help me ,Help me, Help me, I have been harassed because I am a black activist and I spoken out on police brutality. I have been harassed. Help me. I have been harassed.”

Narration: Today, civil rights are eyed suspiciously … in a polarized society: “You either with me, or against me.” This is where Donald Trump enters to lay the foundations of a social platform on hatred, social unrest, and discrimination: if you are a migrant, if you are a Muslim, if you are an African-American… then you are the root cause of all problems in the country.

SOUNDBITE [English] Jamal Hussein, Muslim Ativist: “I think he is feeling our lot of anger in this country, people don’t know where they directed and he is giving them an owe and that owe wheather is constitutional or not people can feel that they blong to that anger. And I think we have to do as a people who believe in justice and equality, we have to show that there is a way to connect to the people who have been feeling left out of the system without just kicking everybody out, you know it is not the country of white people , it is not a country of Western European and it is a country of balck, white, latino, Arab, Indian and every single…this is a melting part ”

Narration: History has many lessons to teach … but few learn their lessons … history repeats itself and human beings repeat each other; At this point in time, again, the finger of suspicion immediately falls on “the other” with a different religion, with a different color, with a different belief, with a different source of income … therefore “the other” is the enemy.

SOUNDBITE [English] Donald Trump, Republican candidate of US Election:“It is a vote time, We need strenghth, we need thoughness, we need smart…”

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Narration: According to Donald Trump, the enemy is essentially a person from abroad; with a different color, tradition, or religion; with a different appearance; the enemy is a person who doesn’t resemble him; a person with no blonde hair or blue eyes.

SOUNDBITE [English] Donald Trump, Republican candidate of US Election: “We are going to fix the system so it works fairly…”

Narration: The question is, how about Donald Trump’s own colors; his true colors?

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Miguel Sarmiento, Journalist and Political Analyst: “He is the representative of a special group who run the election campaign. He is surfing on the anti-establishment sentiment which is widespread among people.”

Narration: This journalist and international analyst is following this phenomenon closely. For him, Donald Trump is the bitter fruit of both oppression and consumerism. For him, Donald Trump is an opportunist candidate.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Miguel Sarmiento, Journalist and Political Analyst: “I think this is the starting point for this candidate. He’s not enthusiastic about politics per se. The election campaign provides him with an opportunity to sell his images, books, and TV advertisements. He’s a candidate by accident. He has come to the political arena due to the current situation in the United States of America; due to anti-immigration sentiment, anti-Islam sentiment and other things at international level. He has stepped into the spotlight whether consciously or unconsciously. But what matters to him is first of all his pocket, second of all his pocket and third of all his pocket again.”

Narration: Born in a bourgeois family that made a mint dishonestly; the child Trump, the teen Trump, the young Trump, and the old Trump, thinks like capitalists. His father left him a small fortune as well as the Trump Organization to start his business. After a series of dismal failures – including a number of divorces, and bankruptcies – this rich New Yorker finally rose to TV stardom. The youth of the nation were intoxicated with his reality show; particularly those who were still chasing the American Dream.

But Trump had a little skeleton somewhere in the closet: he had sexually harassed a number of female competitors; and abused those who were not the best candidates for his business.

Some analysts believe that Trump’s neopopulismis is not by accident. On the contrary, it is the outcome of a few decades of collective paranoia with the aim of creating a hypothetical enemy. Trump’s favorite character is the hypothetical antagonist in US foreign policy.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Camilo Mejía, Writer and Political Analyst: “This is the outcome of years of military neoliberal policies. He is a person who is using the sentiments caused by poverty, economic and social inequality for his own benefit.”

Narration: In fact, Trump is the monster of his age …. Or a puppet pulled by Wall Street and multinational corporations; arms dealers and the like. Trump is undoubtedly a candidate of his time. A detailed analysis of this candidate’s debates paints a bleak picture of the future for the United States of America, its economy, foreign policy and citizens.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Miguel Sarmiento, Journalist and Political Analyst: “We are entering a totally unknown territory because Trump’s character traits are very disturbing indeed.”

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Protester: “Yes, we can … Yes, we can …”

Narration: In 2015 Donald Trump argued that illegal immigrations were the main reason behind the high rates of crime in the country, adding that illegal migrants, in particular those from Mexico would bring drugs and crime with them.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Jane Gomez, Immigrant Activist: “He called us rapists; he called us drug traffickers; he called us the worst things. We are hard-working people. We love our families; we are trustworthy people; we have come to the United States just to work; we have never made other people out of job; we do things that other people don’t do because those things are not paid well. My father worked all his life here in the United States of America. I’m a fifth-generation American. I’m not a drug trafficker. I’m not a rapist; my family members are not rapists; they’re not drug traffickers. Donald Trump is dangerous for this country. I’m afraid that he would become the next US president. What will happen to us if he is elected? I’m afraid.”

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Narration: Islamophobia constitutes another part of Trump’s ideology: according to Trump, the US is at war with Muslims, though they’re not in uniform. This doctrine is nothing new for this Muslim student who has seen antagonism toward herself over and over again on the streets of her hometown.

SOUNDBITE [English] Muslim Protester:“I feel like he makes people thinks that you know stand with me if you don’t believe in this negative things that I believe than these scary muslims that they gonna attack to you, they gonna hurt you, and you know usually people can of like worry then it comes to fear against believing stuff but they don’t realize that muslims don’t like to hurt anyone they just wanna live their regular lives like anybody else.”

Narration: Regardless of what Trump says, Muslims are part of US society, and active members of the public and political arenas. Wilfredo Amr Ruiz is a political analyst. He’s originally from Puerto Rico who converted to Islam when he was young. As he finished his college with honors, he joined The Maritime Law Association of the United States to serve his country; what Donald Trump never did.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Wilfredo Amr Ruiz, Political Analyst: “We contribute to the country’s welfare, stability, and security. We are a Muslim community, a unified Muslim community in all areas. There are thousands of Muslims who are serving in the military; there are thousands of Muslims who are working at law enforcement agencies; there are tens of Muslims active as elected politicians in local, state and federal governments; more than 20% of physicians working in the healthcare system are Muslims; a considerable amount of Muslims are in academic center at different levels. This is what the Muslim community looks like in this country. The hidden agenda is to cut off Muslims from what they are doing.”

Narration: Trump would rather continue his argument under the delusion of “War on Terrorism,” without thinking about what methods he have to adopt … In his hypothetical presidency, international law makes no sense. Though Trump has not spent a single day in US army, to this presidential candidate, when it comes to war on terrorism, tortures like waterboarding are necessary, but not enough. He believes that instruments of torture have to be more effective.

The direct consequence will be an exponential growth in the military industry; Trump has pointed out that to prop up US military forces, he would give it his best shot. He wants to have the military so strong that no one dares to confront it.

SOUNDBITE [English] Protester: “American muslims would be very concerned about their safty, about their protection, about their prosperity or going to be second –class citizens, Is Donald Trump going to prevent Msulims from coming in? Is he going to force American muslims to we are a batch? Is he going to shut down mosques as he treathened?”

Narration: Therefore, US citizens will wake up to the fact that they are being governed by policestate that secretly supervises their activities. Under such circumstance, there would be no place for free thinking since citizens’ lifestyle is under constant surveillance. That was the Bush Doctrine and Donald Trump just follows suit. Those who think independently or differently would no longer be a la mode.

SOUNDBITE [English] Protester: “get some type of hand out, you are sheep”

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Narration: This veteran is going to set up the US flag in a public park. The police rushed to the scene and a group of people gather around to grab the flag from him. The veteran hascome here to put the flag upside down.In the military, it is interpreted as an SOS; an urgent message for help; he thinks that his country is sinking … or at least all the promises the constitution has given the citizens are sinking.

The veteran says that after turbulence it’s time for analysis … and the result would be paranoia; what Trump and the Republicans want people to believe it; to believe that there is always something there threatening society.

SOUNDBITE [English] Protester: “There are some people are hear because of all the fear along them that created on TV, that is why millions of people would be here and its for all this high analysis and fear and you know people are thinking that they are going to shot by black people, shot by white supermascist and there is a colt around everybody else.all these things are poteintally guess. this is fear based, this country has a free discusseion base,Right?”

Narration: Other citizens who are watching the scene agree – perhaps without knowing it – that something has changed in the United States: society, politics, economy … it’s no longer like ten years ago. Yesterday, the Americans could harness their federal institutions, and demonstrations were a kind of public pressure for change. Today, they cannot even ask about the events.

SOUNDBITE [English] Protester: “When we got very excited because it is a simple, they know the freedom is going to taking a way, so for them the flag is last massage of freedom for them because it is not other freedom. Right? So last massage of freedom they have is a flag, want to take an illusion of day? Of course yes. I mean in whole government and whole socities, terrorisem is fear, I mean I am stil in fear fear, of the muslims, fear of the immigrants”

Narration: Statistics show that for only 242 million adults living in the U.S., there are about 265 million guns. That comes out to be more than one gun for every adult. The U.S. accounts for 5 percent of the world's population, but has about 35 to 50 percent of the world's civilian-owned guns. And while the country is suffering from worst mass shootings in modern history, the weapons owned by citizens are the common denominator. That’s while Trump believes that citizens should own arms.

Some political analysts believe that Donald Trump is the grandchild of Capitalism that has been predominant in the US for decades. Donald Trump and his ilk have filled their coffers exploiting the working class for years. In fact, the US were not the same way as it is now without its Wall Street wolves. Donald Trump with his golden hair has become the symbol of capitalistic values.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Camilo Mejía, Writer and Political Analyst: “Western policies are boomeranging; economic policy, interventionist policy, regime change policy, etc. They have improved global economy just for a few numbers of elites and nobles who have made a lot of money through the exploitation of the labor class and natural resources. Both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party have to be blamed for poverty; they have created the current situation. However, we don’t hold Trump alone responsible for the current situation; it’s also the consequences of the political situation in the US and throughout the world.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Donald Trump, Republican candidate of US Election: “Our children deserve a better future than what we are making them livs through today.”

Narration: The fact is that Trump’s financial system will be tailor-made for big corporations; for those who are helping him make his way to the White House. It seems that Trump is going to use the US federal budget like his own savings account in every section he like, annulling all contracts and deals signed in the Obama Administration.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Camilo Mejía, Writer and Political Analyst: “I dare say that he is a dangerous candidate because instead of alleviating poverty, he will create a dangerous situation for the US in the world. We can no longer act in harmony with other groups in the world over issues like global warming, war, health, hungry, etc. As a presidential candidate, Trump does not offer much hope to me.”

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Narration:In this regard, Trump says that during his presidency, budget cuts would be unprecedented, particularly in the educational system. He has promised to slash it strikingly. The situation will be the same in the health system. Big pharmaceutical companies will return to the arena and the Affordable Care Act or Obamacarewill be history; everyone should pay for their treatment or die.

SOUNDBITE [English] Donald Trump, Republican candidate of US Election: “We need everything, we need everything”

Narration:But when it comes to foreign policy, Trump’s insanity knows no boundaries; this hotelier has become the self-proclaimed champion of border security. They US will lock horns with the rest of the world. That’s while, the Israeli regime, one of the senior partners of the Republicans, will be the greatest ally of the US neopolitical government after Trump takes the oath of office.

The 2016 US presidential campaigns … what’s at stake is not the White House, but a nation’s values that many have lost their lives for. In the background, Nero, Caligula … corruption in Rome and Babylon … and oppression that shrouds the whole society … In the foreground, Donald Trump who appears out of chaos … a man who aims to isolate the US from the rest of the world … that’s what political analysts agree on.

SOUNDBITE [Spanish] Miguel Sarmiento, Journalist and Political Analyst: “Trump is behaving like an isolationist. He will turn the US into a big island. He has declared that he would allocate a big chunk of the country’s budget to the military instead of finding diplomatic solutions. With this approach, he is definitely looking for military solution as the first option. He has a special political rhetoric to attract more votes. He does not behave like other leaders in the world. Political experts believe that a big challenge will arise as soon as Trump enters the White House. He has to think again about the consequences of his policies and prepare himself for solving difficult problems in the international arena.”

Narration: What’s obvious from now is that after the presidential election, the United States will not be the same country. It has more to do with ideological massacre of the past and the future; the massacre of innocent people far from home, far from American society. The victims will be in Mexico and Latin America … in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan … The victims will be thousands of unknown individuals in Palestine and Africa … no trial will be held … Donald Trump, just the last link in this chain …

SOUNDBITE [English] Donald Trump, Republican candidate of US Election: “The country is angry and I think that is one of the reasons that I am goig to doing so well … because we have people in our companient running our country”


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