Ghavam al-Saltaneh Street

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Iran is a country with a majority Muslim population. But this nation has always been home to the followers of a number of other religions throughout history. Christians, Jews and Zoroastrians live in Iran and enjoy the same rights as any other citizen. They have their place of worship in cities throughout Iran and live in harmony and coexistence with the society. On place that can serve as the perfect example of this harmony and accord between different faiths in Iran is Ghavam al-Saltaneh Street in the heart of Tehran, the capital city of Iran. In this historic street the four major religions in Iran practice their faith as neighbors. There is a mosque, a church, a synagogue and a Zoroastrian fire temple all in close proximity in Ghavam al-Saltaneh Street. This documentary series explores each faith and place of worship to paint an intricate picture of life for religious minorities in Iran.


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