I Am from Iran: Bagher Larijani

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Bagher Larijani, born on 5 May 1961, is an Iranian medical doctor and professor of Endocrinology as well as Director General of the Endocrinology and Metabolism Research Institute (EMRI), Iran, Tehran. He was born in a family where scientific discussions were very much in bold. He completed his studies in medicine at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, where he also completed his specialization. Following that, he spent part of his fellowship in England and passed multiple training courses in the transplant of the pancreas, diabetes, etc. He was the Chancellor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences from 2005 to 2012. In 2013, Professor Larijani was appointed the President of Medical Policy Council of the Islamic Azad University of Iran. Based on an official report by Essential Sciences Indicators (ESI) in ISI Web of Sciences, Professor Bagher Larijani was amongst the world’s top 1% scientists in 2011 with 263 articles and 2051 citations. In this chapter of Press TV’s 10-episode series, i.e., I Am from Iran, we see Professor Bagher Larijani talking about different dimensions of his life including his family background, interests, different educational and academic periods, academic achievements, published books and articles, honors and awards, job experiences, scientific and medical ideologies, etc. In addition, we come across different interviews with his colleagues who talk about his personal and academic characteristics.


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