Anti-War Artist: Michael Culver

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Michael Culver is a distinguished, old English actor who is nowadays an anti-war, peace activist. He was a supporter of Brian Haw who was an English protester and peace activist and lived approximately 10 years in a peace camp in London's Parliament Square from 2001, in a protest against US and UK foreign policy. He, however, died in 2011. Throughout the documentary, Culver talks about his political, anti-war viewpoints including his objections to Tony Blair's wrong, war-oriented policies when he was the England's Prime Minister. In the documentary, we also see Culver's street campaigns and protests accomplished both individually and collectively. Other than putting Culver's ideas into perspective, interviews with two of his artist friends, namely Nicholas Kent and Julian Firth, are also presented; they talk about Culver's character in detail from both individual and career as well as political angles. Scenes of Culver's prominent movies and television dramas are provided at the beginning of the doc.


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