Currents of Life: Ali Iskander Alexander Loh

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The phenomenal rate at which people are converting to Islam is perhaps highlighted in the media. One research claims that in Germany alone there are as many as 4,000 converts to Islam each year. Each single person who has embraced Islam has a reason and a specific story to tell of their journey towards Islam. This episode of "Currents of Life" introduces Ali Iskander Alexander Loh, a German convert who has embraced Islam and lives Islam on a daily basis. Alexander Loh, now called Ali Iskander was born and raised in a Christian family. During his youth he experienced many difficulties which resulted in an unsuccessful suicide attempt. But later in life Ali learnt about Islam and became attracted to this faith. After he did research he ultimately spoke the Shahada and officially reverted to Islam. In this documentary Ali recalls his life story and how he became a Muslim and later married a German woman who had also embraced Islam. Ali is currently an active member of the Islamic community in Germany and believes that his calling in life is to portray Islam through his life and help fellow German citizens understand the true reality about Islam.


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