On the Trail of the Hyrcan Tiger

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“What man dare, I dare. Approach you like the rugged Russian bear, The armed rhinoceros, or th’ Hyrcan Tiger.” In Macbeth, Shakespeare talks about the Caspian tiger (also known as the Hyrcan tiger) maybe because Europeans and Westerners in general knew about the Hyrcan tiger before they knew about Indian or Siberian tigers. The history of this kind of tiger goes back to when the ancient Romans used Iranian lions and Caspian tigers in gladiatorial combats. The primary habitat of ancient tigers was Western Asia. What is known for sure is that they did not reach today’s America. In the 20th century, these great stripped cats have vanished from Western Asia. Although this tiger is thought to be extinct in Iran, several sightings of it have been reported in recent years. In “On the Trail of the Hyrcan Tiger”, a brief historical account of the origin and life of the Hyrcan tiger is provided, and then our adventurer starts his search for this extinct tiger in the picturesque jungles of Golestan Province, Iran. He has been working on this subject for years. During his quest, he talks with the nearby local residents and ecologists. Surprisingly, different accounts and stories are presented to him. To know what has happened to this tiger, watch our beautiful, exclusive documentary and enjoy the stunning views of Iran’s jungles as well.


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