New York Underground

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A group of young people in America express their anger at the current situation in US society through rapping. They express their dissatisfaction by reciting poems in metro stations in New York City. They cannot stand seeing a tiny group of people take nearly a quarter of the nation’s income; or that the top one percent of people in the US have the best houses, the best educations, the best doctors, and the best lifestyles, you name it. They believe that the media are just a tool in the hands of politicians and the powers that be to keep people quite; to distract them from rising up against social injustice.


In America there is an obsession with progress, advertisements and media tell you keep on going ahead, push forward, go on, move on you can be anything you want to be, keep on the best you can be, but they are not clearly defining what that ahead is and at what cost is it, is it an economic progression, or it’s a progression of morality and evolving oneself.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Progress to most Americans, means doing that shit that they do on Gerry Springer, doing the shit that they do in half of these reality shows, or the freedom of bullshit, to playing video games all day, the freedom of being porn addict.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Woman: “I go to work and I ask myself what did i do today for common good, nothing Silch, Zero.I didn’t do shit for anybody i have made some money to pay my rent and get the big man richer, that’s not free ....”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Like are we more human towards one another, I done.I done that we are ...”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Friends and family only call me when they need me that's how they show love.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “You never hear from your family unless they need something, it could be a ride from somewhere to somewhere, it could be information about something, it could be money ... call me just to see how I’m doing sometimes, don't call only when you need me ....”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Woman: “Just the basic concept of morality is not there, it’s just the fear of punishment, the fear of what's going to happen to me immediately.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Woman: “There is this level of fear being built in you.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “That's why the police kill people in the hood and get off.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Woman: “It’s more like I don’t wana hurt you because i may get in trouble by my superior so laws aren’t in place for us to be moral ... it’s not because we genuinely feel it in our heart.”


If there was a week where speeding didn’t exist, the amount of accident that would occur would pound some knowledge.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “That's how you get punished in America, financially. That’s why this is becoming like a rat race, it’s all about money in America, money money money.I gotta make money. Its why I’m trying to say, send your children to go school to learn how to steal legally, that’s the American way. I said that to a lawyer once he said if it’s stealing, that’s not stealing. You know i thought that was funny to me.”


In many ways the progress that many in this country think they have comes at the expense of rape of natural resources, the rape of the land, the stripping of peoples culture the transport whole tribe and family from part of the world to another, stealing peoples land, killing off the whole race of people ... if you talk about the native Americans, the indigenous people. Its equivalent to a household where there is molestation going on.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Uncle Sam is my grandfather the Nazi's are my first cousin. I am deep in this … like oil.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Singer:

Been trading arms to underdeveloped countries got the

monopoly on diamonds told generals to chop of arms and they would get more arms. I see their children as dollar signs. I put the politician in pimp got whole governments

on a hoe stroll let me tell you a little bit about my history

I was born in murder spread across waters tattooed

genocide on my neck. I am fiend for the green Napoleon said everything my eyes. look upon is mine and imperial civilization that was savaged to its subjects and I have introduced every disease from the black plague to syphilis because in my line of work if nobody ain’t screaming.

I ain’t earning if bodies ain’t hitting the floor my bottom line ain’t flying went o the church and bought Jesus now I am holy with capitalism got a boost when Rwanda became a pay day.Hitler told me to finish my breakfast so I bombed the towers my name is America or if you prefer the thirteen colonies my hands are in everything i got bank rolls in flesh peace to me is starvation war makes the money and I am a expert at playing on your insecurities all I see is dumb and dumber old money in this spot

I can buy your soul a thousand times over and still have change left to give you a job. I got secret societies I don’t have to be diplomatic democracy is just my store front but I am manufacturing pure grad a world domination stopped the international news from getting in saturated you with reports on gang violence and Britney cut school funding because it doesn't make me any money if our children are smart. I need people in debt around me so i can leverage their situation to my benefit got tired of doing all this by myself so i birthed big business now we all keep the money between us only the strong survive only the cold hearted lives to another sunrise and the criminals at the bottom got nothing on the criminals at the top.

I am America baby and I got my pimp hand on your heart strings so what you need to do is do what you have always done and bend the …. Over.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “I think as far as America goes, there is a group of people who are running things and they just American to be as power as possible.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Regardless of whoever raises their hands, majority rules that's what democracy is supposedly , whoever is got the most money is going to control this, whoever has got more power and influence is going to control this shit.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “I’ve always had the theory that those who are in control, are in control of everything and the media is kind a keep everybody role behind their initiatives and what they want.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “All forms of news outlets are mind control.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Woman: “Watching TV is a freeing moment for an average American, it’s their time to relax and all it does it just hypnotizes for them to wake up and do it again make that money.”


all forms of media, and all forms of technology are a very good ways to keep us dum and keep us kind a pacified to a point where if everyone started talking about problems that we may rise up and do something about it if we are all watching everyone's little dream and sitting on face-book till 4 in the morning, we are not gona rise up.


This comfort comes from the lifestyle, so the lifestyle that an American has they wake up, they have a steady job, they go back home, they eat dinner and go to sleep i mean that day in itself is a very comfortable day so while we are doing that government is doing things going to war, like putting drugs in our community, i mean there is a lot of shit going on and we are just so comfortable because they have given us so many distractions.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “I call it pub culture popular is an abbreviation for pop, profit over people.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “It's real shit, media is here to make money, Michale Jacnson. I even have a poem that say God is green in America and money is illusion.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “If you don’t have economic sovereignty, you don't have any political sovereignty.”


My hand maybe one hand, but trims hands is a thousand hands every time he says something. It’s like they got the power not us. So democracy shemocracy hypocrisy. You can have an authoritarian rule in a shell of a democracy. but democracy is the rule of the mob. rule of the people. and i think as the united states of American is defined is a federal republic, which means people don’t directly wont on things, if we lived in a traditional essence of democracy, then we would all have to vote before we go to war against another country. We all have to vote for a federal bailout but in this instance we live in a republic which is defined as us electing representatives that then in turn elect the people made the final decisions over us, so there is definitely a buffer zone between the people and the power.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “It almost a good commercial for America for us to be able to complain like that.I think its slightly like fools gold to be honest with you because complaining and making jokes about bush on the daily show is one thing but if one actually wanted to make change, they would have to go through billions of hoops and whatwhich big picture wise is not likely.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Woman: “You might be questioning things, but at the end of the day who is really listening, so while you have your freedom of speech, who is really listening.”


I think to it's to the benefit of the government for us to be able to complain like that. because when people can exercise their right to complain it reminds them that they are in a democratic society and reminds them that …. are free, and its kind a like a good thing. But I think the government has control over that also but alright u can exercise that right or this right. But ifs taken to a certain level I know that they clamp down.

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “My criticism to western civilization is that it doesnt take account everybody. it takes account, ambitious cold, warlike few, that aint the majority that aint the majority that aint what’s gona keep this thing going planet is six sectarian tones. it aint gona be here much longer if what is going on right now is going on.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “I think you can’t crtizie western civilization, without criticizing civilization It’s like having an argument between a republican that nigger still eating the same table, i think it shouldn’t be called a western thoughts, or an eastern philosophy anymore.

because there because it has nothing to do with one side of the world or another there are people who have qoute on on qoute western philosophy who live in the middle eastern world.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Everywhere needs a revolution. A world wide revolution.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “For example if a revolution happened in America, it’s because there was one happening in all around the world.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “There is no way you can cure one part of the body of aids and it gona spread.”

SOUNDBITE [English], Unknown Man: “Revolution is a mental revolution before its anything else it’s a change in the way you think it’s a change in the way you look at people it’s a change in the way you look at yourself it’s a complete over turning of a system .and the only way you can turn the system is overturn your system of thought that's why I’m interested in a personal revolution. I believe there is a devein energy that comes with all humans that surpass all manmade law and act as should becoming a Shield. I wish we had more diversity in our thoughts when it came to how to run a society, think of a world outs at this shit. it’s not just left or right because those are illusions. Those are creations those are with the matrix but don’t get stuck in the matrix.”


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