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Hundreds of innocent Palestinian children are imprisoned in Israeli jails with the feeble excuse of impinging on Israel’s security. This documentary unravels the gruesome story of how organ traffickers eye this “caught” and freshly “stored” supply of orga

Part 1




They put in so much metal, the sons of bitches.

What do you think, Rommer?

I say it's impossible.

It'll take you the whole night with a chisel.

So what do you think, Rommer?

I don't know. Why don't you leave it until next week?

It's such a shame...

Today...I wanted to be back home for his memorial service.


My son was a very strong and very nice boy. He was very handsome, very tall and I expected for him a very nice future in this country because this country is not an easy country but before we were very optimistic about the future until his death. He was eighteen, eighteen in half.

and he was a soldier.

Yes he was...only two months.

They told me something mysterious happened there.

We are not sure because we don't (???), and we must check everything.

They didn’t give me the answer in the first talks.

And few days later, after the autopsy, they told me may be he pull the trigger.

After that they changed their version and every two years it is this way.

04: 32 Hiller's Family Footage

Why are you standing ?

Because your son was murdered ?

Is that why you're standing ?

I don't have any reason to be ashamed of my son.

I'm proud of him.

I'm only ashamed of this country and its army.

The flag and the national anthem disgust me.

All this disgusts me.

They gave you the autopsy report ?

We have the paper but not the answer.

The reason of his death, he killed himself, committed a suicide. But no letter, no explanation, nobody gave me the answer.

Nothing, nothing about the death. Nobody told me about the death. Nobody told me what happened there.

Hiller's Family Footage

Friday Midnight, June 13th

The advocate told me it's very difficult. It’s a big case, but it's going to be a big big war because here you have the army and you have here the government.

I came home. I spoke to my husband. Why we don't do it? We don’t stop it? I don't want to stop this. I want the answer. So my husband told me, OK we do it full things. We do it for you something you cannot imagine. He didn’t told me before, He was already in the cemetery with everything. And he came to told me this Friday Daniela I go to bring you Daniel at home and we must begin the fire, the war.

Hiller's Family Footage

That's it. Put a rope around there.

Yes. Lift it. Put it on the ...

No.Yes. Put it up on the concrete there.

On that side. That's it.

That's it.

Mark the head with red spray.

Give me that.

Here, and on the other side too.

All right. Come around this side.

Go on, lift it.

Fasten your seatbelt.

We don't want to get pulled over...

He brought him at home with a big car.

My Danny.

My Danny ...

Shut the door.

We put it inside, here in the saloon

His coffin


It's was very weird. And it was terrible we had many many people there because they must be here to see that we didn't open the coffin. Otherwise, the army will ask us what did you do with the body, you changed something.

Unless they make an investigation committee and bring a pathologist from abroad.

Danny was an outstanding athlete.

Danny, Danny. It's all Danny.

It has stayed four days the coffin here at home. We stayed with the coffin four days.

What kind of feeling did you have?

What you ...Sorry...I am shaking now. It's the same as that time. I felt very shaking but if I told you something fool would you believe me?


I miss him so much, it's something very fool. But it's the truth, I felt it. I felt him. He came to visit me. I am sorry but this is what I feel. I feel like this. I missed him so much, is something that I felt. He came to visit me after two years. And I told my husband thank you, you do for me such a big present. It’s something fool. But I am the mother Ok. Who told me I am fool! Ok I am fool but it's Ok. This is my son. So.

Hiller's Family Footage

And you see this horrible sight of a coffin in a living room,

containing the remains of Daniel.

The family's sitting there and you ask yourself how such a thing could come to happen.

How come we accept this?

It looks like a scene from a morbid, satirical play.

But the authorities accepted the request.

I'm very pleased to hear that the authorities accepted the request.

and will bring over a pathologist from abroad to look at this.

I suppose that now, after 2 years, even the pathologist won't be able to draw an unambiguous conclusion and the parents will stick to their version that their son did not commit suicide, because parents whose children commit suicide find it hard to accept that fact.

It's very common.

The guilt is involved in this matter...

There's an inclination to blame the authorities or others.

Go to hell.

Dirty bastard.

Herman, it's common for parents to accuse institutions if their children die.

We don't have suicides here.

I don't know where he's getting that from.

Talking on television. I could sue him, you know?

I want them to show us proof.

It would be worse if we didn't have "enlightened occupation"...

I'm the mother of the soldier from Dimona who was killed and I'd like to response to what Yaron LOndon the TV presenter said.

How come, not on air?

How come he can say such things?


Yes. They're apologizing.

He's apologizing live television.

During the commercial break the mother of Daniel Hiller, the soldier who died.

Her name's Daniela Hiller.

She protested against the things I said.

I'd like to point out that I had no intention to offend her.

nor other bereaved parents.

I have a viewpoint regarding the expected findings of the pathologist appointed by the family to look into the affair...

He felt uncomfortable saying it. He said it disrespectfully.

Not disrespectfully. Uncomfortably.

We got another pathologist that the army people found, they found him in the United State, his name was Cyril Veikt , he was the biggest in the world, he came from Florida but he was a Jewish we had a very bad story with him not personally but he did what the army asked.

to take care of the pathologist arrival

We're supposed to receive a guest from the plane.

We're authorized by the Ministry of Defense.

We have no authorization.

Eli Ben Shem. I'm here by the entrance.

Our names don't appear on the list.

I think this is more serious.

I feel cheated. You don't understand.

I feel worse.

Hold on.

But we signed an agreement that we'd meet the pathologist near the plane.

If you go there before us, that means you have a lot to hide.

Let me express this now.

Not you.


Dr. Nachum Moshe.

Thank you very much. Hello.

Lt.Colonel Margalit?

Hello? Yes, where are you?

Herman, you can’t imagine the mess here at the airport.

Ofer went to meet that Major General, Margalit.

He's right in front of me.

He showed up downstairs.

I checked...

We couldn't get in there.

Excuse me, does this mean he was downstairs?

Ask him.

Excuse me.

He was with the pathologist downstairs.

Ask Dr. Wecht if I saw him.

He'll say he didn't.

Could you film this up close, please?

It says he was downstairs.

Come on...Ofer.

Could you turn around, please?

Ofer, I'm asking you.

You didn't authorize my entry.

No one asked me for authorization.

I don't have the contract...

We have an agreement.

Eli Ben Shem...

We have a signed agreement.

Show me...

I'm not familiar with this.

I'm not familiar with having to meet him by the ramps.


I also know that he spoke to you on the way here and you asked me about this.

He told me that you were waiting for him. That's all.

I wanted to wait for you but what happened?

They said that something happened, I took my legs away,

because they thought that something.

I can influence you by talking to you near the airplane.

I talked to him on the phone.

Did we meet...


Before today near the airplane or anywhere today?

Excuse me, doctor, you know what is that?


It's a pass to go to the airliner.

He go down to the stairs of the plane. This is a sign.

I never ...saw him.


Now I have a true where he was before.

I've never seen him before.

Dr Wecht, they will not allow you to touch the body of their son,

there's nothing to talk about.

so I cancelled everything. He lied on everything, so I told the doctor please doctor I have nothing to do with you, you are not to blame. The blamed is the army so please go back to your country I don't need your answer. I am sorry it's not the rule.

We stayed another few days until 45 days there in the hospital waiting for another doctor.

Doctor Thomsen was from Denmark.

Hiller's Family Footage

There. That's him.

Hello, Dr, Thomsen, I'm Daniela.

Almost 25 years is an insurance of being pathologist.

This is the deceased who has been in the grave for about 2 years.

So, he will be in an advanced state of decay.

Some of you will feel uneasy about it.

It happens very often that people need to step outside.

The head's up here.

The head's up here.

So they were wrong.

You were wrong. You put the head facing the wrong way.

No.Yes. I made a red mark when I exhumed him.

He told me everything was missing, all the organs from inside the body were missing from the body, my son body.

The body has not been stitched up after the autopsy.

It's fully open. The open.

The left tibia.

The left chin bone is lying loose.

Only one lung is found.

The heart was missing. Everything inside gone. Nothing inside.

It goes into pieces, but this is where the bullet came out.

The bullet came out here.

From the face the borne temporary. One was missing.

You can see the ribs. The ribs have all been cut.

There's been cutting along the ribs for autopsy purposes.

But the organs are missing.


The organs are missing.

Which ones?As far as I can see, most of the organs are missing.

My name is a doctor Ronen Bergman. I am senior political correspondent for alias Israeli ..... I also anchor daily talk show in Israeli TV and I write for media outlets like the New York Times, Wall Street Journal in United States, and Der Spiegel.

I deal mostly with corruption investigation military affairs, intelligence issues and the Middle East.

In the summer 2000, you wrote an article about not organs but body parts in how did you came to the story ?

They were talking about rumors, about stealing of organs, about false testimonies in court. One should remember that the professor Yehudda Hiss and the people from this institute are expect witness in the most serious case in the criminal court in Israel, according to their testimony people are going to prison

Yehudda Hiss is the manager, a big manager pathology Abu Kabir from Israel.


This was inconceivable, unbelievable that the person, we all know, the people in Israel know as the number one expert with this. The person who is telling the Nation about the number of victims after a suicide bombing. One of the main stars, so called star of the media is in fact a criminal. This is so hard to believe.

Reduction, yes he gave a reduction for everything. He has the power. He is the bigger in Israel for the law.

The institute was the kingdom where to steal, the kingdom of the professor ... He is the Tyrant of the place. He is ruling it with aggressive strength, with a lot of discipline, with punishment against anyone defies him, anyone who questions him, anyone who tries to underestimate his profile. It was very hard to obtain information.

For example some people say that inside institute...were found a lot of organs and bodies.

few months past information capt in coming. Once I woke up in the morning I literally look at myself on the mirror and said I am not able to continue, not able properly and honestly looking to myself in the mirror feeling good with myself if I am not going to check these rumors. If they come to be incorrect than it’s fine. And if they are correct it is my obligation and duty as a journalist and a citizen of the country of Israel to publish this information.

I used a lot of technics including hiding myself in back trunk of a car at night.

Part 2

Hide myself in front of the entrance. Of course it's a high guarded place. So I hit myself in the back trunk and got inside it. I know that there is a lot of stuff I need to get documents because I figure out that at the minute the article is published or the important professor knows about what I am doing, he will destroy the evidence. And the reality proves that I was right.

My husband went inside with the journalists, it was night. He went inside and saw and they took a picture from inside Abu Kabir.

What was inside? You got inside?

I got inside. What was inside? This was unbelievable. The first I saw was the museum. I saw a huge museum of organs. All kinds of organs. Just the Bones and skull in small samples formalin.

They opened the freezer and took a picture. They put the food that they eat with the bones and with organs. You know that we have this picture. I am not lying. This is a terrible thing, it is not human.

This was one part, but then when going to the other rooms I found a huge stock of organs. One specific image I took a picture of was a huge jar that we all use to clean the floor full with a formalin and one whole brain just suck in the water.

And there were thousands of samples.

This was ...You know everything ...This was not open, when I came in at that night nobody was there, the place was empty.

Nobody wanted... even trying to hide things. When examining some of the bodies, it was clear that the information I received was just the top of the iceberg.

They have taken a lot of body to the autopsy without the permission of the family. But it's just the beginning because with no authorization with all mechanism to cancel what they have done. They have taking organs from these bodies without telling anyone.

They put ...It's very difficult to say. It's very hard for me to say it. The professor Hiss put the wood in died body to replace the organs....

The empty space was covered with sticks of wood with pupils of water, with toilet paper, just to fill the space and create the same mass in order that no one will suspect. They have done this tens of thousands times.

First question sir is did you receive a lot of complaints from families who’s their relatives half body is held by Israeli authorities?

Yes, I received in the past such complaints years ago about the pathological institute in Abu Kabir in Tel Aviv. Palestinians who were killed either in explosion or even in civil accident they complain that they noticed that part of the bodies is not there, like eyes. The body was being dealt with in this institute and physicians and pathological department. That's why I issued a question to the health ministry here in the Knesset, in the parliament asking if it is true that you are taking parts of this bodies in the institute of pathology in Abu Kabir. The Minister says, he didn’t say no but didn’t say yes. He said, maybe I will check. It needs to be checked. It means that He knew something that he suspected in this case. Another Israeli families made the same complaint. Part of this body were taking out. And...

And something terrible.

It’s not justification I would say it could be a sort of balance if these organs were used for transplantation of organs in alive people but most of them the vast majority were used for researchers for which actual people working with the bodies, the male nurses in the institute sanitary. They received cash money and the doctors are involved mainly chief Yehudda Hiss who received academic credit for the researchers that were conducted with the organs they stole. Including researchers for cosmetics firms, for dentists and for a lot of things. These things I would say are positive for science but to do something like this it's disrespect for the honour of the death. It's disrespect for the family. And creating this whole mechanism of disguise and missing information camouflage in order to council this factory line of stolen organs. This was a huge disgrace for the institute but also for the department of the ministry of health.

For Israel it could be another country benefiting from disaster in Haiti, please one British politician a liberal democratic spoke person in the House of Lord has just accused the Israeli troops of harvesting body parts after the earthquake.

Jenny Tonge saidThere should be enquiry to claim that the Israeli troops were trafficking organs from Haiti. The statement said about this miss her comment is wrong and provocative. It's the first time that Israel was accused for this type of criminal activity. Last year a Swedish newspaper published an article accusing Israeli soldiers of killing Palestinians to have their organs. Israel admitted removing body parts during autopsies in s without asking their relatives...

Did Hiss is alone in that Business?

You know, the case of Pandora case, and he knows many cases of this country and he has the law in his hand. So he does it, he knows the secret of everyone. Because he knows many things. That's the answer.

We are talking about Dr Yehudda Hiss and the fraud commission concluded that he violated the law, how can you explain that he keeps his position.

Nobody knows, because there were an evaluation, obvious evaluation even the committee said the same. They said they punished him, he is no longer the director of the institute. He may be deputy director or senior doctor not the director but he is still running things there. He is a professor, he is well-known professor and yes there are a lot of questions, and I have no answer for this part of questions.

Professor Hiss kept lying in Court. When he testified the autopsies not reformed. We have proof. At least in sixteen times that he had testified on autopsies when he was out of the institute, he could not have performed these autopsies.

But he is still working in the same place.

yes the same place and the same position.

he is in the same place, in the same position, it means when someone comes he was lying to us and that the fraud commission proved that he violated the law. How we can understand that he is in the same position and the same place working as usual?

If you look behind me in the fridge you see I have a small ice cream that I received from a friend who says you will always be my friend you know so much. The professor Yehudda Hiss hold them all by the boat. They know if he is taking to court he will drag them all inside because they were in charge. They Knew and they needed to know. In any case they hire echalon of the ministry of health is guilty about what happened there.

This is about the people directly charged the professor when we come to the police in the military of justice this is a different position they are not in charge of him but if he is taking to court charges criminal and also convicted in lying or giving false testimonies this means if I called the source in the journalism it means for us the selling will roll over their head because every person who was called under testimony they came and they ask for the retreat. Listen he is a liar. This expects witness who sends me to prison.

I think these days there are much more conscience in this pathological institute because they know that the world and the press here is looking after them about this issues.

Good evening and we are here with the Tribal Update!

The most objective news show on television.

Without bias

Tonight we have a special guest, the expert on organ transplants,

Prof.Hannibal Hiss of the pathological institute.

And as we promised-

Hello to Prof. Hannibal Hiss.

Hello Ronit.

Prof. Hiss, is it alright to remove organs without permission?

Of course, it's better to get permission,

But what can you do?

Some people fight it.

You don't say.

Cross my heart.

But this subject...

The removal of the body parts, trafficking in body parts,

don't you see a moral problem here?

Not at all,

and I am not the only one.

Lots of people are willing to give us a hand.

And it's all for a good cause.

A very good cause.

You know how much you can get today for the lung of a young man?

But why a brain?

A brain can't be transplanted!

I'm not sure. Sometimes I think that Zahava Gal-On...


Excuse me?

The little people don't get it...

They only talk about "respect for the dead..."

But what about the poetics of the inspiring sight of a brain floating in a jar.

I sometimes see people with such wasted organs...

for example, Elhanan...

Me? What...

What an exciting spleen you have ...

Wait, I signed an organ-donor card, but...

It has an expiry date, doesn't it ?

I don't think so.

Because it's possible that ...



Where is he?

I don't know. He was just...



What... What are you doing here? You're supposed to be in the guest studio!


I want your spleen...

I don't have a spleen!

Right, it's mine!

it's mine

I have a proof, I have a price how he do it with the bones and teets bornes . I really have documents, somebody who worked with him sent it to me. She lives in United States because she is afraid about the life but she sent me via internet the price of selling the bones in Chicago dentist. And many many things I have a proof about what he does with bornes and organs. And my son was very sportive and stronger and very young and very good organs to sell.

So we can say that from your article and from your investigation

When you say business you refer to money. I wouldn't say that money was the main motive there academic credit were. And a sort of interchange between them and medical institute needed organs for their research, this was the main motive. Money was a part of that but I wouldn't say that making money from organs.

Mayor, state law makers even men of faith must answer allegations including money laundering Bribery and the sale of black market organs.

A list of people we arrested sound like it should be coming from community leaders but sadly they were not meeting in a bord room this morning but in FBI booking room.

The investigation started as a proof of money laundering scam and the sell affect a designer hand bag by local rabbi. One man was charged of selling an Israeli kidney for 0.0$ persecuted sent millions of dollars from New Jersey and New York to Israel and back concealing to the source cash.

I am sorry for asking this kind of question, but how much they sell it?

This one, it was... I don't remember exactly, I have a paper. The temporary was almost 0 or 0, I don't remember, I didn't see this paper since 5 or 6 years almost. 0...


No 0, yes thousands.



The first evidence came from Martyr's families.

When they delivered the bodies of their son.

This used to happen at night

To see the martyr bodies and the way they were sewed

During the wash of the dead body there were some details that showed that there was something missing

Also there are some medical reports from Palestinian hospitals after checking the dead bodies

The doctors certified that there were bodies under strange conditions

Another evidence is what declared the Director of the Forensic Institute Yehuda Hiss.

During an interview for more than seventy minutes on Israeli TV

He worked more than ten years at the Forensic Institute and was a truly confession

Admitting that they used organs from Palestinian bodies to save injured Israeli soldiers

This what Yehuda Hiss admitted.

Part 3

We shouldn’t forget what the US press published about this issue

about an Israeli criminal organization ruled by rabbin called Isaac Rosenbaum.

During the interrogation he confessed that he was trafficking with organs

including organs from Palestinian martyrs.

These are the proves that we collected until now.

In the press appeared that the Palestinian minister detained accused Israel once more of taking off body parts from detained Palestinian , is this information has any credibility?

Elisia promised me that this question is not going to be asked. I asked you specifically yesterday about this precise question and you have said it's not in your issue and this question is not going to be asked. Nevertheless, I will answer...we spoke yesterday and we promised this question is not going to be asked. However, I am going to answer. The stories in Swedish or Palestinian press or whatever that Israel is killing Palestinian in order to have or steal their organs or using Palestinian bodies in order to steal organs are all of them incorrect, falsified and pure antiSemitism in using the media in order to create antiIsraeli propaganda. What is true is that the Institute of Sciences in Abu Kabir until the publication of my story in have stolen numerous body parts from bodies without discrimination between Jewish, Christians, Arabs, Sunni, Shia, Buddhists they took it from everybody.

In the press appeared that the detained Palestinian minister accused Israel once again of being taking off body parts from Palestinian detained, does this information has any credibility ?

Taking out organs was both for Palestinian and Israeli corpse. It's a violation of Israeli law and it’s a violation for international law, yet I don't have proof about any new event. I am in contact with Mr Aissa Karaker minister of detained, we are collecting complains from both families Palestinian and Israeli, about their complaints and suspicion, when we will prepare the portfolio we will appear again here to the ministry and into the international forums. This thing could not continue the same way as in the past.

How did all this end?

They close their mouth. I have a proof, I have documents, I have pictures. The journalists who saw this. And they said, please be quick. Because the Pandora case is open.

They told my husband, we are not 0% sure, you are not right, your son is dead.

If they took organs from my son and my son is a soldier, so they can do it to anyone. What happened to this country please wake up, is it a normal country or a jungle here ?

Usually I am struggling here in the parliament to expose those atrocities and to expose, to reveal this violation of law and to try both to discuss it in international community and here. It's very delicate and tough struggle but we are continuing in the same way.

Why they held the bodies why they don't want to give them?

It's immoral behaviour of the Israeli government. Israel is breaching the international community, is breaching the Arab about human behaviour nonhuman behaviour. Israel is squeezing the Palestinian side and Palestinian families by holding bodies of people who were killed. Some of these bodies were buried in nowhere with numbers. Even the cemetery is called number cemetery, the cemetery of the numbers.

We documented 8 cases where the bodies of Palestinians were kept now in Israel. Until now it's kept in Israel and so called the cemetery of figures. The name came out that they are buried in the military closed areas is not accessible for people and the bodies are kept you will find symbols Tombs with a metal plate for each holding a number. The number a case it's that the file is matching, and you don't know so don't know which grave is for X or Y.

To bury the martyrs’ corpses without names and just numbers is a kind of humiliation.

Everybody has the right to have a name on his tombstone.

Besides the tombstones lack of human, religious and moral conditions.

Let me tell you that until now we have discovered our four hidden cemeteries.

This doesn't mean that there is no other hidden cemetery.

Israeli and international press speak about secret prisons also.

How can we be sure that there aren't any other hidden cemeteries as happened with the prisons?

Yes all of them are unknown places mostly two of them are in the Jordan Valley and two others in North Israel not far from the Lebanese borders may be one of them, from the fourth different places was closed after the exchange with the Hizb Allah, who lied about two hundred corpses were released. The exchange was about three Israeli bodies, they gave them back.

The info we have about the bodies they kept in Israel shows the worst humiliation that anyone could bear

The depth of the tombstones isn't deeper than centimetres.

All the corpses are too close between them.

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