The President (Iran’s Presidential Election)

Time and again, the Iranians prove to be a lively pro-democracy nation. With around 72 percent voter turnout – a figure rarely seen elsewhere - in the last presidential election, they attested to be willing to practice their right of self determination to the full. The victor, Hasan Rowhani, having won the election in a landslide victory is now the country’s president-elect preparing to take office in August 3, 2013. In the run-up to the Election Day, campaigns were heated and passions were running high. People were brandishing posters of their favorite candidates in the streets and were actively taking part in debates and gatherings to persuade a non-voter or to dissuade a rival. The young generation as it has always been in the post-revolution Iran, were at the heart of all this. Not only were they the most vocal of supporters, they could also be seen among the campaigns’ staff and organizers. PRESS TV offers an exclusive look into the events and candidates’ colorful campaigns that lead to the victory of Iran’s next president.

00:24 The registration of … again. 00:35 My slogan is sustenance, status and rationality with the main emphasis on the last one. We hope that all our decisions will be made on rationality. 00:50 Dr., this way … 00:56 I’m standing here to take pride in Iran and the Islamic Revolution of Iran once again. 01:20 Now, more than ever we need a different government to suit the circumstances. 01:36 The Foresight and Hope Administration will be the administration of peace and friendship. 01:52 Now it’s time to correct the mistakes and notch up success in new areas. 02:11 My aim is to encourage people to go to the polls. 03:34 Oh no, what are you doing? 03:56 Hello, how are you? Well done, Dr.! 04:01 What’s unique to Dr. Aref is that he’s a member of the Khatami Administartion. 04:08 All members of the cabinet have a duty to pay attention to ethnic groups. 04:14 What Dr. Aref has embarked on is a win-win for us. Whether he wins the elections or not he’ll be the victor because he’s promoting morality and rationality in society. The election campaign is just a starting point for him. 04:23 There is a huge gap between generations … 04:53 She’s Dr. Aref’s wife, Mrs. Moravveji. 05:00 Hi there. How are you? 05:39 I already knew about Dr. Qalibaf’s record of service. See how much attention he pays to the youth. In my administration, preserving human recourses is of paramount importance and man is more important than oil. As for the youth, he gives much attention to them and believes in them. His election headquarters consists of about 15 young people. 06:00 It may take a few minutes. 06:03 No problem. Delete this part. It’s not necessary. 06:13 I didn’t notice it. Would you zoom in the poster? 06:19 All activities including designing posters, software and weblogs and writing text messages are done here in the headquarters. 07:07 Everyone who wants to be a political activist must know about his or her party or political leader’s policies. I know Dr. Rohani for a long time and his policies are my ideals. 07:34 Would you tell me about the status of presidency. 07:40 When a president takes the oath of office he promises to defend the national sovereignty and to defend freedom. 07:51 Dr. Rohani has been following rationality and moderation during his political career. He has never worked with or supported political extremists. 08:25 I read much about the presidential candidates approved by the Council of Guardians. I think Dr. Velayati is the most qualified candidate. 08:58 First-time voters are those who reach the age of 19 at the time of elections. I always longed to reach that age so I could go to the polls and decide about the country’s future. 09:13 I'm a first-time voter and I'm going to vote for Dr. Velayati. 09:49 Hello – it’s Gharazi. How are you, sir? 10:02 The new government must be a popular one. 10:07 We have no headquarters intentionally. If you have headquarters, if you have financial sponsors, when you are elected as the President you’ll have to pay the piper his due. 10: 58 According to Dr. Jalili, we’ll be the winner whatever the results may be. 11:14 The other day in a conference in Tehran a person criticized a candidate. Dr. Jalili got angry when he heard about it. He emphasized that no one is allowed to be critical of any candidates. 11:58 A little bit higher. 12:21 People and candidates all admit that Dr. Rezaei has the most comprehensive plan for his presidency. As you know currently the country is wrestling with economic problems. Dr. Rezaei is a graduate of economics and his plan is oriented mainly around economic issues. Economy can be his trump card in the elections. 12:43 The country’s economy must be privatized. To achieve this goal, we must create jobs as much as we can; we must start from homes and streets to industry and agriculture. 13:00 Women in the country are invaluable resources. They can contribute to the national economic prosperity shoulder to shoulder with their families through domestic businesses. 13:30 The reception was enthusiastic. It exceeded all expectations. It was the second time Dr. Rezaei came here but this time he got a much greater reception from the crowd. 14: 34 Change Iran for the better with your key. 14:48 Khuzestan has always been distinguishing itself throughout history. People need stability. 15:00 We hope that you will be elected so that you can help the underprivileged. 15:08 I promise to bring you justice and justice and justice. 15:15 Long live Iran; long live Islam; long live foresight and hope. 15:55 I never complain about problems because I’m supposed to work things out not to carp. I began working when I was in third grade and I’m proud of it. See you at the polls on June 14. 17:02 Hello, Mr. Jalili. 17:03 Whatever we do must be for God’s sake. 17:45 Haven’t you see Zobi, have you? He was just here. Would you call him? We don’t have any money. What do you want it for? To buy tickets. We have to get there by car. 18:00 Here you can take photos, can’t you? Oh, sure. 18:07 Hello, are you chairing the meeting? I’m Dehnavi, Dr. Bagheri’s deputy in the headquarters. My friends have come from Tehran. Let them sit here, would you? 18:30 The reason why people support Dr. Jalili is just partially due to his election campaign. But it’s chiefly due to God’s help that people take liking to this man. 18:56 Can you call him? 19:04 This is our slogan: resistance, nothing else. It usually works. 19:16 Call me at 1:00 am to talk about the meeting. 19:20 As university students, we formed a circle to run a campaign for Dr. Jalili a few days before the registration. As Dr. Jalili registered for the elections we began our activities more seriously. 20:13 We have the potential for growth in the political, cultural and economic arenas. We have to realize it. 20:34 It is expected that even more people will come here. Dr. Jalili will launch his election campaign tonight in Isfahan. 21:23 We’ll vote for Dr. Velayati. 21:40 We love you Dr. 21:57 We’ll vote for Dr. Velayati. We’ll vote for Dr. Velayati. 22:34 It’s a meeting of first-time voters. I’m very happy as a first-time voter because I’m going to vote in an election for the first time. 23:10 If I’m elected as the President I’ll do my best to meet your demands, within the framework of the Iranian Constitution and Supreme Leader’s guidelines. 23:34 I’m not going to withdraw my candidacy. 23:52 Dr. Velayati will be the President. He’ll be the President. All people will vote for him. 24:52 The next candidate, Dr. Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf. 25:07 It’s no use talking about these personal issues. We’re not here to settle account with one another. 25:13 You told me to ignore them unless I was looking for trouble, didn’t you? 25:20 That’s the point. Foreign policy has to do with the national interests. 25:26 Dr. Jalili, would you stop talking about logic and reasoning? Foreign diplomacy is not a philosophy class. 25:38 We take pride in supporting … 25:40 Is hailing Khatami against the law? 25:43 A single party can no longer run the country. 25:48 Because the police were beaten. 25:49 I’ve never resorted to violence. I’m a law graduate. I’m not a colonel. I’m a jurist. 26:04 Sir, just Rohani! 26:10 Sir, are you going to the polls? 26:29 I think those against extremism will vote for me. We must wait until the election day. 26:39 Some people encouraged me to contest the election. Ayatollah Hashemi was foremost among them. I also consult Mr. Khatami and he encouraged me too. 26:55 No matter who will be the President, we must respect people’s election. 27:07 When will Mr. Katami and Mr. Hashemi express their opinions about your candidacy? 27: 14 As for Ayatollah Hashemi and Mr. Khatami’s support, with a bit of patience white smoke will appear. 27:40 Now it’s time for the first documentary about Dr. Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf, a presidential candidate. 28:15 We’ve devised a plan for the project with the help of academics. I have no expertise in building tunnels or bridges. The best academics and engineers were at my service. As the Tehran mayor I’ve derived maximum benefits from consultation. 28:58 The nation is hungering for affection not publicity campaign. 29:09 To tell you the truth, the documentary about Mr. Qalibaf was much more better than the documentary I produced about Mr. Rohano. The film was very good in terms of shooting, editing and other technical issues. 29:36 Well, I’ve never got in a car like this. 29:40 We decided to portrait Hassan Rohani as a layman rather than a clergyman. 29:46 Tonight is the night, Dr. 29:48 Tonight is the night. 29:51 In the opening shot, we see a man saying that presidential elections is even more difficult than presidency itself. 30:03 No, presidency is much more difficult if the President is determined to save the country. 30:13 Since our footage was very limited we decided to make a frequent use of photographs in the form of photo clips. 30:50 A poll of around 12,500 people conducted by Khabar Online, a news website, showed that 70% of people vote for my film as the best one. That’s while in my opinion the film about Dr. Qalibaf was better. In fact, people voted not for my film but the hero of my film. 31:55 Aref, Rohani, coalition. Aref, Rohani, coalition. 32:50 It’s wonderful to see the whole country brimming with such tremendous enthusiasm. 33:02 I’ll dedicate myself to the youth of today who’ll determine the country’s future. 33:10 And I’ll fulfill my promise. 33:14 Aref, Rohani, coalition. Aref, Rohani, coalition. 33:20 I’ll abide by the Reformists’ decision made under the leadership of Mr. Khatami. 34:15 Patience, morality and national interests are the Reformists’ code of conduct and Dr. Aref will behave according to that code of conduct. It’s probable that he’ll withdraw from candidacy in favor of Dr. Rohani. 34:47 I admire Dr. Aref more than ever. I’m sure that one day it’ll be written in Iran’s history what sacrifices Dr. Aref made for the Reformist party. 36:37 I’m thrilled to be here among friendly people like you. Thanks to Khuzestan, we managed to get such a power that no enemy dares to invade Iran. 37:31 The nation is the real ruler of the country. That’s all. 37:46 Let’s go to the polls to supplant extremism with moderation. 38:04 The Foresight and Hope Administration will have a constructive interaction with the world. 38:20 We’ll be the winner of this competition. 38:40 Hail Qalibaf! Hail Qalibaf! Hail Qalibaf! … 38:49: Qalibaf! We’ll support you. Qalibaf! We’ll support you … 39:00 Qalibaf … Qalibaf … 39:05 Dr. Mohammad-Baqer Qalibaf. 39:15 We must not let opportunities slip through mismanagement. 39:28 Qalibaf … Qalibaf … Qalibaf … 39:36 Neither compromise nor submission; we’re Jalili’s supporters. Neither compromise nor submission; we’re the Leader’s supporters. 39:47 Through resourcefulness, shrewd diplomacy, economic efficiency and breaking economic sanctions I’ll form a strong cabinet. 40:05 We’re determined to create jobs for the youth. 40:30 Qalibaf is be-all and end-all; he’ll be the President after all. 40:42 We have plan for all walks of life. 40:58 I’ll call a halt to a current that began eight years ago. 41: 08 Rohani … Rohani … Rohani … Rohani … 41:14 Qalibaf … 41:15 People must show that the future will change for the better. 41:21 Neither compromise nor submission; we’re Jalili’s supporters. 41:29 Rise up, Jalili; and wipe out poverty. Rise up, Jalili; and wipe out poverty. 41:35 The Reformists will win the elections. The Reformists will win the elections. 42:08 Hello Dr., how are you? 42:20 I congratulate the people for their participation in the elections. 42:22 Let’s go. 42:23 Just wait a second. 42:24 Hurry up! 42:26 All right! I’ll be back in a second. 42:32 We decided to see each other at the office at 10 o’clock and from there go to the polls all together. 42:45 I’m going to the polls for the first time and I’m very happy about it. 43:03 It’s a mixture of anxiety and pleasure. Anyway, all candidates hope to win the elections. 43:28 I hope that Mr. Rohani will win the elections to let the Reformists’ discourse come back to the political arena. 43:45 Casting my ballot I prayed that other people would also vote for Dr. Velayati. 43:56 Which one is Principalist? 44:00 Which one isn’t Principalist?! 45:31 Mr. Hassan Rohani has been elected as the new President with the vote of 18,613,329 in the 11th round of presidential elections. 47:10 Remember that from now on I’m the president of all Iranian people. 47:22 I hope that we’ll build a bright future for the country by joining hands in brotherhood and solidarity. 47:35 Last Friday at 2 am I was driving the car down the street as Dr. Rohani was talking about his plan.

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