Untold Truths

“These people don’t mess around; they wanted war and they want war now. It’ll be you and me who will die and babies if there is a war with Iran; … only people can change this”. In 2007 US tried to wage a war against Iran; one person stopped it. This is he

Family of diplomats.

Introduces herself. Lives in Australia. Article about her. Family of diplomats. Lived all over the world. Studies in archeology.

. Went to Syria (damascus). Got married with american. didn't work.

Went back and finished studies. Started working for the army right after Saddam invades Kuwait. Immediately put in charge of material sales (including missiles). Went to Saudi Arabia, second woman in Ministry of Defense Headquarters after Margaret Tatcher. Fascinating experience. See the culture. As a woman couldn't get in the meetings until she got a military uniform.

Went back to america. Secretary of Defence (Dick Cheney). Spent time in gulf countries, never in IRAN. Iran was off limits, specially with Republicans in power. Never to do anything with them. Moved to White House.

In President Khatami says in an interview to want to get closer to US.

President Clinton to Gwen "Find ways to improve relations with IRAN"

They have differences, bad blood. Hostage crisis. Iran feels insulted. Only dialog can work this out. Nobody is a saint.

US wrestling team went to IRAN. They were so impressed and happy. Clinton invited them to the White House. Clinton invite the Iran team to america. They were insulted in Customs (fingerprints and such). Clinton was embarrassed. She talked to Justice Department and told not to treat IRAN that way. They say, The president has no authority, its the law.

Clinton was trying to get dialog. Bruce Laingen (held hostage for 4 days in Tehran) says that they might not like the regime, but they must accept it and dialog.

Problem AIPAC

Strong Israel Lobby, AIPAC American Israeli Political Action Committee (Actually is "Public Affairs" Committee).

They have power to stop about anyone who they don't like. No president or congressman can act against AIPAC and get reelected.

Clinton asks Gwen to find about AIPACs movements against IRAN

She holds weekly lunches with AIPAC director.

He tries to get info from her and viceversa.

He knew more than her. She never gave relevant info. It became tiring.


she left the Gov and went private.

she had to do a polygraph test. Was asked about being a spy, she said no.

Who is spreading intelligence info to israel to start a war with IRAN. You know the person very well.

This man (AIPAC) was divorcing. She was mediator, got info and passed it to FBI

Why u support war against iraq? we don't care about iraq, we want a regime change in IRAN.

FBI suspected she was the spy. They now know she is not.

She is the only person who is challenging Israel. No protection.

She called a reporter friend (times magazine). I could be in danger. Told the whole story, and if anything happens she will write it.

Reporter went to Larry Franklin Pentagon Official passing info to AIPAC. He pled guilty. Nobody wanted to touch the AIPACs

. FBI. Our lawyers don't believe us. You talk to Department of Justice. Gwen to them "the only way to go to war against IRAN is with nuclear power, and we don't do that.

and I don't think anyone wants to repeat what happened with Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Its the worst idea in the world. You would start WW3. IRAN doesn't like AL QAEDA, but they will unite if you invade.

Goes to Bahrain. Navy friend tells her "there is going to be a miscommunication. and we will start a war"

Don't say that to Pentagon. Why? because they want a war with IRAN

Was asked to go to Bahrain as Political adviser. Civilian.To make sure there was no false information spread.

IRAN was not involved in political of people.

for 2 years she made sure the army got the right info.

She tells the navy "This is a routine game, don't over react".

all was fine until .

Bush was leaving office in . He had pledged that he wanted to change regime in IRAN before leave.

About Wikileaks

He released hundreds of documents. Most of them criticise IRAN and are pro Israel. Who is financing him? It doesn't seem right.

concerned about why there is nothing against Israel

it also seems to say that the arab countries do not oppose to an attack on Iran.

But they don't' want what happened in Iraq to happen in their countries.


we push in the media that the arabs support an invasion of IRAN by the US. there can't be one, no objective, what would be gained? nothing, and millions will die. There are things that are possible but are not going to happen.

wikileaks it does strike me as odd.

Current affairs

she heard in the news that US agree 1 on 1 talk with IRAN on nuclear issue.

it would be foolish of IRAN to create nuclear weapons

Same with israel.

if israel would attack IRAN, the rest of the arab countries would take side on IRAN

The russians do not support a war with IRAN

Israel has nuclear weapons but where r they going to use them...


Bushes last chance to start war against IRAN.

Encounter with the admiral who asked her to take the garbage out. She replies hard, and meets him again years later in Bahrain, as her new boss.

Admiral "IRAN has to be put back into the box"

don't do it, don't even suggest it. you won't get support from the arabs. He was furious.

Routine ship deployments into the Gulf.

Harassed by people. happens all the time.

In may , first talks scheduled in Tehran. "stop the violence in Iraq"

IRAN was critical. The admiral picked that week to move Air carriers into the Gulf. NObody (US) would notice this, unless somebody would tell them.

Admiral "don't tell the US"

It wasn't a build for war, but it looked like it. It only took one bullet to start it.

Admiral "Do not tell anybody"

I worked for the US and we were supposed to work together.

I heard the admiral say that, so I called the State Department.

Check the deployments scheduled. Why? because there is an intentional deployment meant to try to annoy IRAN.

It could be enough to start a war

They came down (US) you will NOT do this.

The admiral called me to the office.

He knew it was Gwen.

Out the door were two FBI agents.

She is suspect of helping her ex-husband (Robert) for the illegal activities he was investigated for.

It was not a coincidence

This was my punishment for ruining the war with IRAN

Lawyers "do not come back to america" they won't let you leave

Stayed working at the base. Security Officer (CHOW) said there was no problem. Gwen started working as editor of the daily briefing that went to Washington. She got a lot of press.

They offered one more year to work in the base

She had an offer from a company to work

"if it makes a difference I stay in Bahrain"

Some people wanted her there. The admiral was in doubt.

December 13th 2007.

Sitting in the office and a young officer came. There was a threat sponsored by IRAN against american personal in Bahrain.

The people mentioned were disciples of SISTANI, IRAQ, not IRAN.

Didn't make sense. Admiral but if its true, can u help us?

I said yes. Im an idiot. he fooled me completely.

She went to the street. Didn't meet the bombers. Met an HR activist "There is no plot. Something is wrong"

Officers that tortured him appeared. He turned white. Each went his way (Gwen and HR activist).

Before going out that night she called Head of Intelligence for the Navy in Bahrain. "this doesn't make sense, the Admiral asked you to do this? you can't, you're a contractor" He called the admiral and Commander CHOW but they were gone for the day. "if it saves lives do it, but its too dangerous"

She goes back to the base and her pass don't work. They open the door for her, she writes her report "nothing like this is happening, check out the person who wrote this report"

The Head of Intelligence sends the report to Washington without asking the Admiral cause he was out.

7am following morning. Head of Intelligence tells her NOT to go in the base. "The admiral is furious…"

and so is the Commander Officer. Get off the base...

"…don't come back until you find whats going on"

I went to Starbucks. Starbuks seemed to be a good place for doing this things.

Gwen called Commander Chow. "we suspended your access"

I want an explanation. "come to the base" -no.. you come to me… -no

Gwen sends a friend in the base to find out. He gives her a letter from commander CHOW dated DEC- (SHOTS of the letter)

My colleagues had been told nothing.

Her badges worked

She was sent on an illegal mission

Their plan

send her to the street. Make her arrest or kill. They would pull out the letter, she was suspended.. and she was planning an attack. That would justify a war.

Or I should be killed. And that would also be a justify for war.

They tried to hide the letter.

Nobody would talk to me. No answers. Came to Australia.

Right after I got here there was this issue with a ship and a man who was going to blow it up. This is routine but it was shown to the press as a new thing that had just happened.

BUSH was visiting the region at that time. They put a video poorly edited, the reporters "this doesn't make sense". That failed, but they wanted me out of there. Cause that was their last chance to start a war with IRAN before elections.

I stayed quiet for years. Until february . Huge Shia uprising in Bahrain. NY Times called me and asked for my opinion.

"The US is giving mixed signals"

Tells the story of the poor children, she bought gifts and the Navy didn't want to pay for it or give any more help.

2 days later bell ring in Canberra, Australia.

FBI Agent asking for the passport.

Tells the story.

FBI calls her again. "You want to keep my passport and me in the US"

If I set foot on it (embassy) you will hold me, hold my passport, and I won't be able to come home.

So you're not coming in

No, I'm not.

Why not?

Because I helped you with the Israel case, you blew it later, and you did nothing to help me with the crazy american who wanted to start war with IRAN. I will come down to the embassy when I get full immunity to testify.

I can't make any of that.

So I'm not going to the embassy.

I told everything to the press and it was on first page

The guy didn't loose his job. His name is William Spencer, but he showed up as Bill Phelps.

The Australian Federal Police did not approve that guy to show up. Now lawyers are looking if there was a crime, cause you cannot have american officers under false pretences, trying to get people to the embassy.

He would know because he was one of the top HR activists.

The goal was the SHIA of Bahrain do not want to be massacred by the SUNNIS

Usually the SHIA see the US presence as a buffer, protecting them from SUNNI interventions

If nobody was watching what was going on in the US embassy, there would probably be more HR abuses. The goal of many of the SHIA in Bahrain is to show what is really happening to them.

He is a very good man, he is SHIA, but the last thing the SHIA wants is trouble with the USA. He know everybody and would know if someone tries to do something crazy.

Admiral Kevin Cosgriff. He has retired and his security officer Commander CHOW is also retiring next year.

As I stayed quiet for many years and then went public in , that allowed the Washington Post to do an article on me. It took months to get published, cause they had to check everything.

Ten days later I got a phone call. A friend heard CHOW talking about me and the article. I went crazy, she is still trying to get me. Im furious, and I spoke in America, and told her name.

The person I was speaking to in Bahrain is a SHIA HR activist. His goal is to make sure there were no misunderstandings that would justify the US to attack.


There was a very strong sense of wanting peace and dialog.

He do not want any american killed.

if there is anything we can do cause we don't want to give anyone an excuse to come after us.

I trusted him very much.

There were some SHIA extremists in Bahrain.

There were SUNNI extremist in Bahrain. The SUNNI tried to kill the ambassador in .

Saudi Arabia would look for any excuse to come there and take over

Since it was the FBI coming to the base I didn't trust the embassy. The embassy was very angry at that time. They voted for BUSH, i was getting in their way.

I was threatened by one of the Embassy and told not to talk to the SHIA again. I was a private citizen and could talk to whoever I wanted. He didn't like that. So, no I couldn't go to the embassy.

They set me up to kill me, so it would be fool to go back.


I came back to Australia to figure out what was happening.

While I was here, my other client was a turkish billionaire, "i will pay all your bills, don't worry". He transferred the money and was found shot two days later, no note, saturday afternoon on a sidewalk. Who kills himself like that in a place like that? (ALI NURI COLAKOGLU

I got an email saying "sorry, he is dead". He said to me "i will help you but you're playing with fire"

I believe someone wanted me killed in Bahrain, I believe somebody killed my friend Nuri. These people don't mess around. They wanted war and they want war now.


I just heard that the US is willing to talk 1on1 with IRAN about the Nuclear issue.

If those can be done in a respectful way that would be a big step. But they're saying that they cannot happen before elections. Because anybody who stands up to the Israelis risks to loose their jobs.


Obama is the strongest president I've seen standing to Netanyahu.

its a lovely country and it has a right to exist.

I also believe that what is done to Palestine is not part of Judaism. It is political and fanatical and we should not allow it to happen (we the US). Everybody talks but no one seems to do much.

Palestinians are treated like third class citizens. They all scream for the falling of Israel, that is just not going to happen.

What I see happening is every time Obama puts pressure on Netanyahu and (AJUDBAR?) to negotiate with the palestinians suddenly all over the press, IRAN nuclear weapons! and were like dogs with a squirrel. Forget the peace process, forget the palestinians oh my god! so its a very useful tool.

What would a war with IRAN look like?

would it be a bombing from the air?

What would happen in the other arab countries?

Would they let use their territory to kill millions if IRANIANS?

Would IRAN be sited there or retaliate? Its easy to retaliate in that region. Iraq was a different story. But the Gulf states are far more vulnerable than Iraq was.

Who would pay for it? the money. Its very expensive to go to war.

We cannot afford to go to war.

Israel is paying them, and Egypt. Where does the money come from? where does the people come from?

It doesn't help when president Ahmadinejad or others talk about the destruction of Israel, or that the Holocaust never happened.

It doesn't help when Americans say that Iran are a menace to the Gulf.

It doesn't help when Israelis complain that the Iranians focus all their money on nukes to make a bomb that they won't use.

If Israel where to attack IRAN I wonder if Pakistan would help IRAN.

Why anybody would want to use nukes?

Its a meaningless discussion.

There is a practical use of nuclear power in IRAN. Nuclear energy is easy way to provide electricity to people. I support nuclear energy. Nuclear medicine.

Its nothing but a big toy.


Israel is very protected from the outside. I driven from Siria to Israel. The atmosphere is incredibly relaxed. Discos, parties.

They have no idea how bad things are

These are people just like IRANIAN people, or american people.

Israel want to scare the IRANIAN people into changing their regime.

Israel worries about saudi arabia and the gulf countries.


The IRANIANs can take care of their own needs, and maybe there are some IRANIANS who want to go to parties, and want to do things that might upset others, but thats part of a culture.

Let me explain what happened with IRAQ


Let me explain behind the invasion of IRAQ

In i was called to a meeting. Only 4 people in the room. The man looked very familiar. (Ahmad Chalabi). sentenced years for hard labour.

"he is a crook" - oh he is fine. He is going to be the next president of IRAQ. They love him.

Clinton wins the election and these guys are out of the government

So Ahmad Chalabi didn't have any real power.

In he started coming back in, and got some support.

When BUSH won, I thought he was going to bring those people and he was going to start a war in iraq to put Ahmad Cdhalabi

Jan , She meets a guy in a dinner of Bush. He tells her to come back to government, they r going to attack iraq. She calls her journalist friends, they don't believe her.

They started talking. "IRAQ has nuclear power" they don't have a nuclear program anymore, I know, I worked many years in IRAQ

HOw will they get the american public behind them?

Dick Cheney wanted to go to Bagdad, Colin Powell didn't.

Stories in the media about IRAQ. "They" are planting these "fear" stories.

1 was a disaster for their plannings for IRAQ. Now they have a real threat, AL QAEDA. They have to convince the american people to go to IRAQ.

Poem about the elephant and the 6 people. "Each of them is partially right and all of them were wrong". Thats how they sold the war with IRAQ

. "They" went with different reasons to invade. Cheney, Bush, Reese.

"They" are the NEOCONS (neo conservatives) the ones who want war with IRAN. They wanted war with IRAQ first. IRAQ was going to be the stepping stone to regime change in IRAN.

They were going to invade IRAQ, set up a government that was friendly with ISRAEL and US, and from there make political movements to change IRAN.

That was the original plan.

Colin Powell wanted to stop, but he didn't in order to stay in the circle

i went to the CIA at that time () for a job interview. I met in the middle east division. I have a question for you, since when is IRAQ producing nuclear weapon? its not true - Every piece of info is being changed before it goes to the president by the NEOCONS.

They punished anybody who countered the story that IRAQ was making a nuclear weapon

If you said it shouldn't be a war, bad things happened to you. That was with IRAQ

Once we went to IRAQ everything turned out to be true. There was no nuclear program. They tried to put Chalabi in an office, that didn't work.

They put XXXX instead, less corrupt. Chalabi was furious. He was minister but will never be president, but he is still around. He is buying as much land as he can.

If Mick Rodney comes in, I guarantee you that Chalabi will be there in the radar. I hope Rodney doesn't win, he doesn't understand what his advisers are going to do. IRAQ is finished. But IRAN is what they're going to go.

Why hasn't the IAEA said anything about Israel?

You cannot count on any independent body being able to operate independently. Its to the people.

Netanyahu (and many other names) won't be killed. Its people like you and me who will be killed if there is a war like this.

Freepress is really hard to people who make these conspiracies. Im not muslim, but I hope you don't think that I will burn in hell, I respect. People r people, and there is no organisation who can fix this, only people can fix it.

And if there is too much info in the media thats against these peoples agenda then you'll find your cable connection cut off.

But if….. there was no holocaust and ISRAEL must be wiped out the map, it would be a lot easier to sell the real story which is...

The IRANIAN people are a proud, diverse, wonderful group, who have more to offer than most countries

WC Fields said instead of war we should have our leaders go into a ring with bags of dung and fight each others, and see who wins, cause THERE IS NO PLACE FOR WAR, its all about leaders. and sometimes its something like "gee, he is a nice guy, lets put him as president" (Chalabi)

The other thing is People is willing to be liberated by US.

Support ISRAEL and bomb the nuclear facilities. If somebody invades my country i would…

About Australia, racism, baby plan, immigrants,

"you're stealing our jobs"

So many people in warefare, all australians.

There are what we call Think Tanks in Washington, that have influential people that do nothing but give speeches.

…and write pieces in publications and use their influence on the news to formulate policy.

There are a few that are obviously linked to a pro-zionist agenda.

AIPAC is a lobby, but is the only that doesn't need to register. They get their money through american jews. When you deal with AIPAC and Washington Institute for Near East Policy, very pro ISRAEL anti IRAN.

Many are not even jewish. These are power-hungry people. No religious ideology behind this.

ISRAEL has a weird hold in america. When i was a child, we were living in Malta. There was a US ship off the coast of ISRAEL called USS LIBERTY. ISRAEL opened fire on it.

US headquarters were in Italy, they sent air jets. President Johnson called the jets back. Many people died on the Liberty. They brought it into Malta. My father was a young diplomat, he was sent to be the liaison. He could see body parts hanging off the ship.

The ISRAELIS started fire on US and we were not able to defend ourselves.

That was . Before US didn't provide ISRAEL with arms. After US was the provider. What happened there? I suspect it had to do with politics and money.

thats a very good picture of how it is so hard for OBAMA or any US president to do the right thing and why it is so important to stop our leaders to make those inflammatory statements so we can get down to reality.

every time a leader makes a false statement to please a certain group it sets us right back to zero, and we have to start all over again. We can do this again, there hasn't been a war, but why are we doing this?

You're not allowed to say, its ok for the IRANIAN people to choose their own destiny. And if that process involves a regime, kids get arrested here too, there is no society where the gov doesn't crack hard on people, if they can.

Anecdote of the girl drunk, police and ambulance.

Talked to journalist in ABC and they blocked the story. Afraid of police.

NO society is perfect. I don't have any illusions that IRAN treats his people fairly. Also america.

We don't allow Red Cross in america, but we use their reports to criticise other countries.

Prisons are terrible in US. but we don't talk about that.

We talk about IRAN nukes and wanting to be liberated.

We really should be looking at the snow in our doorsteps rather that others.

Nigeria and Kuwait.

Only woman in a group of army men.

They thought she was a hooker.

Seven Up from Iran.


She became good friends with SHIA officers in Kuwait.

IRAQ claims Kuwait was part of IRAQ and Bahrain is an island, is no part of nobody.

We now have proof that it was a disaster (IRAQ war). We have to remember the mistakes in the past.

When we protested people said "no, no, we'll never do that…america's government would never lie..to the people..on that scale"

Even FOX NEWS (name of journalist) said that we would have not gone to IRAN if they didn't find nuclear weapons. (Hami corrects IRAQ) IRAQ, sorry.

Well, they never found nuclear weapons and he never apologised.

The more people that speak up the better.

Financially they ruined me. I know they stopped me from getting work. I got an FBI agent coming to my home. Im just one person, can't change everything.

Almost to arrogant to be upset about the fact that I was unable to stop the IRAQ war. Who am i to stop a war. I failed. You win some you loose some.

This is a very difficult time this election. Lets see who wins the election.

If OBAMA wins there is a chance to start talking to IRAN. They will have to do their part too.

HATAMI met with israelis in NY. He is not Hussein type. You can talk to him.

OBAMA is more likely to respect the IRANIAN side than the republicans.

Cause they desperately want to get into IRAN for ISRAEL sake

As long as IRAN is an enemy, ISRAEL has to worry about Egypt turning on it. Jordan collapsing and IRAN. Saudi Arabia, who know what will happen. It will reach a point where the (WAHABIS??) will have to reconcile with modernisation.

conversation with powerful man before invading IRAQ. She explains that US has no plan regarding IRAQ, he don't believe her, its going to be wonderful, st US state. She says no. We don't have a plan.

Afterwards he said you were right, its awful.

KHADAFI killed more americans than SADDAM ever did.

Khadafi really was a monster. Story of his son in Switzerland.

generally I'm against any intervention from foreign governments, because countries need to decide for themselves. Thats just my view.

But if I committed a crime, well thats ok, I can live with that. I don't like the lie and the cloak and dagger.

If they want to charge me with something, they can charge me with something

At the same time I want investigated what happened on dec , , and why, because I quite certain it had to do with IRAN

i don't mind being fired

Dec . She gets an email from base. Her contract is terminated early (three weeks early). She calls the lawyer in base. "now I can file a complain and demand for investigation" - Oh, your contract is reinstated. you can't file a complain cause we didn't fire you.

I have a document firing me. and another saying forget it.

As long as I feel doing the right thing. I don't like people trying to kill me.

I don't know why they didn't take MEK out of the list.

China and Russia

The idea of america coming to IRAN is not something that China or Russia want to see, that's colonialism.

Big opportunity for business. They don't want to US be the Puppet master in IRAN. And they don't go quickly. They might feel a Cold war scenario. I don't think they would respond well.

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