Armed Slaves

They call themselves Islamic Jihadist. But in fact they proudly practice cannibalism. They decapitated toddlers. Torture innocent people who are ironically mostly Muslims with gruesome methods revived from Medieval Ages. They do all this in the name of Islam; whereas it is stated in the holy Quran that if you kill an innocent person, it is as if you have killed the entire humanity. With the violence spreading throughout the Middle East, and Syria being in the bloody grips of Takfeeri and Wahabi groups, one questions the ideology of these ferocious killers who hunt down and brutally kill Muslims of other sects along with followers of other religions indiscriminately and all in the name of Jihad and pure Islam. One wonders whether the mere existence of these blind followers of some made up ideology is to tarnish the face of Islam. In this movie, scholars of different Islamic sects express their views on these heinous crimes against humanity and the plots to sully the good name of Islam and its tenants.

Narration: October 8, 2013. A new day has begun and rebels fighting the Syrian army are preparing to encounter the government in the northwestern city of Idlib. Warriors with no boundaries in their conquest…They massacre horrifically; vindicating themselves for taking the hostility off of their religious teachings. That as an excuse; they attack cities, villages and aim at civilians. They decapitate innocent children and slaughter hostages in the worst way possible. They are made to believe these inhumane acts of cruelty will lead their way to the transcendental heaven; promised to the believers by God.

Shots of rebels chanting Allah-u-Akbar

Narration: “God is Great”! This is what the Takfiris chant before committing a crime; be it shooting opposition forces… demolishing schools… or decapitating hostages… The broadcast of such slogans these days affects public opinion and blemishes the face of Islam. These attempts are not the least supported by any Islamic scholars.

(Religious scholar speaks in classroom)

Narration: Nonetheless, attempts like this will be supported by some… American Senator, John Mc Cain confessed to his close ties with the armed rebels whilst defending their crimes. McCain interview, Fox News

Narration: “They are moderates and I guarantee them”… … Actions speak louder than words.

(Shots of criminals chanting Allah-u-Akbar)

Narration: But to what extent do these conducts account for the religion of the practitioners? Do these acts of violence illustrate Islam or a category of its commandments? Since the rebels consider themselves to be of Sunni faith, to seek answers to our questions we went to the Muslim scholars of the Sunni sect to hear what they had to declare about Islam’s true perspective on heinous actions… This is Mahabad, north-west Iran. Sunni Muslims constitute the majority of this city’s population. Mr. Ghader Sohrabi is a prominent scholar in Mahabad and the Friday Prayer’s Leader.

Shots of watching movie and short sentences

Some shots and the first part of the interview

Narration: Mr. Sohrabi has researched Islamic sources for years. He believes extremism must have been imposed on a community that claims to be Muslim and yet showcases extremist behavior.

Second part of interview

Narration: Jihad… a term frequently used nowadays as an excuse by many extremist groups to vindicate themselves for killing thousands of innocent people. Many of the victims are Muslims. Strangely enough, jihad against the oppressor has transformed to jihad against the Muslim. Extremist groups have different definitions of jihad and its entailing reasons and causes. Most definitions contribute to the acts of violence of these very groups. But what is Jihad in its true sense? And in what circumstances can jihad be implemented?

Molavi Amin interview about jihad

Narration: Who has the authority to issue a state of jihad? This is Qeshm Island. Mr. Mohammad Saleh Amini is a prominent scholar in the region and a member of the Sunni Fatwa Council.

Molavi Amini Interview about issuing a jihad verdict

Narration: The verdict of jihad is embraced by all sects of Islam. Every Muslim believes jihad is a pillar of the Godly religion. … This is Gosht, a town in south-east Iran. Gosht is the biggest center of Sunni Seminary studies in the country. Molavi Hashem Zehi is a lecturer at this religious center.

Molavi interview

Narration: Overlooking instances where some people make an excuse out of religion to commit crime; it’s crucial to understand just how some individuals reach a point of giving in to this extent of merciless violence. To examine the reasons and causes behind violence from a psychological perspective, we went to the institute of Niruye Tadbir or The Power of Prudence in Tehran, and we sat down with Dr. Niroushak.

Delbar Khanum about atrocities in Syria and Israel

Narration: A technique favored by the Takfiris is the use of child soldiers to carry out criminal acts. Employing children to execute hostages is a perpetration loathed by every human being in the world. International organizations and human rights groups strongly disapprove of these inhumane procedures.

A shot of a child beheading someone

Narration: …And indeed this has turned into a pattern to train other kids as well.

Shots of children playing in Syria and a mock decapitation

Delbar interview

Narration: A heartrending video footage that went viral on news networks all over the world shows a Takfiri eating a victim’s heart after he had opened up his chest.

Delbar talking about that shot

(File shots of September 11th)

Narration: After the terrorist attacks on the twin towers in the United States, some people believed the extent of violence could not have sprung from ideology; rather it must have been a byproduct of the methodology of al-Qaeda sects… Sects teach their disciples not to ask questions when it comes to fulfilling their duties.

(File shots of Taliban when in power and destroying cultural centers) But before that, the Taliban government in Afghanistan had displayed cases of sectarian mindsets by obliterating archeological monuments, excavating graves, torching cinemas, and keeping women from studying. It was crystal clear they follow the ideology of Tabeen; theorized by Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn Taymiyyah. Tabeen later came to be known as the Wahabi sect.

Dr. Davod Parchami Interview at Beheshti University

Narration: Mottos of returning to the past; meaning what is directly inferred from the Quran and behaving by the way of the prophet was the perfect resource for extremism; that being against Muslims.

Dr. Davod Parchami Interview at Beheshti University

Narration: The Takfiris are a subdivision of the Wahabi sect. They deem other followers of Islam as infidels or Kafir. Hence the Takfiris endorse the idea of killing other Muslims and put the idea in to practice.

Dr. Davod Parchami Interview at Beheshti University

Narration: After a little while the Taliban had taken over in Afghanistan, not only was luck on their side, so was the US. The United States was the first country in the west to officially acknowledge the Taliban as a legal administration. The weight the US threw behind the Taliban and then a military convention against Taliban armed forces; meaning al-Qaeda ought to be taken as a misunderstanding or lack of sound judgment by the States. Otherwise the two maneuvers could be interpreted as the US’ double standards in politics. File shots The US applied terrorist tactics and techniques to go head to head with sectarian terrorists. The US resorted to an obvious attempt; like what the Takfiris do themselves. This route too, led to a dead end. Eventually American strategists went for the doctrine of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. They pushed the Takfiris to Syrian cities to score a win-win approach for themselves amidst fatal street fighting and numerous public and hidden crimes.

Pordel interview about killing one person and killing humanity Mr. Pordel is a prominent scholar of the Sunni religion in Bandar Abbas, south of Iran. He graduated from the University Of Islamic Religions in Madina, Saudi Arabia. He’s made a decade’s worth of attempts to present the true face of Islam to his students.

Pordel interview about the new face of Islam

Narration: This is the school of religious sciences… in Bandar Abbas where Mr. Pordel teaches his students.

Pordel in the classroom (2 parts about the deprecation of violent islam)

Narration: Armed Takfiris are getting ready to destroy one of the most sacred Islamic shrines. (????? ???? ???) And a few seconds later…

Shots of Mosque demolition

Narration: Official statistics suggest Takfiris have by far targeted 1400 mosques; destructing them all. These are people who by the name of Islam destroy Muslim prayer and worship sites. Takfiri scholars rush to their rescue. They have issued a verdict for jihad to make the crime look sacred and legal. This is a common practice that Islamic sects take advantage of to manipulate the naïve, to build obedient slaves; slaves who do not ask questions when it comes to genocide and rape.

Mohammad Saleh Amini in Qeshm interview about enslaving people

Narration: “A religious verdict” is solely an excuse to justify crime and carry on with the inhumane objectives of the Takfiris. But where does common sense stand in Islam to accept or deny the verdicts attributed to the divine religion? Molavi Dehvaari believes that accepting the verdicts must be conscientious.

Interview with Molavi Dehvari about common sense

Narration: The process of issuing religious verdicts by the Takfiris, went as far as innovating a gruesome verdict within so-called legal frameworks; they called it Jihad-al-Nikah or “marriage jihad” The Jihad-al-Nikah was officially first referred to by Lotfi Ben Jeddou, the Tunisian Interior Minister during a national security address to members of the National Constituent Assembly. He said some Tunisian girls have travelled to Syria to sexually comfort the armed rebels. Talks and subtitles

Mohammad Saleh Amini interview in Qeshm about Marriage Jihad

Narration: The actions taken by the Takfiris does not end with destroying mosques and graves of renowned religious figures, or Jihad-al-Nikah. Decapitating hostages, killing children, and creating an atmosphere of terror is just a part of their daily routines. The verdicts and activities of the Takfiris are criticized and disparaged by all Islamic sects. The Takfiris are straightforwardly known to contradict Islam.

Pordel interview

Narration: Slavery, in the old days was a sad story of people who knew how they’d become slaves. They were forced to carry out hard labor every day; and bound in locks and chains at night. When they had the chance they’d flee from their masters. But the story of modern day slaves is even sadder. They do not acknowledge they are slaves. They whole heartedly obey the masters who’ve enslaved their minds. They will obey until they take a life or give up their own. Armed slaves; brain washed to be at the mercy of numerous masters, to relent to genocide and to depict it as ultimate salvation in this world and the next. Their story is dismal and yet horrific… A reoccurrence of such stories is not farfetched as long as political masters and Takfiri Lords exist.

Interviews: The news you listen every day that for example, a person decapitates scores of people reciting verses of the Quran before and after the decapitation. Islam never endorses such actions. No beast acts like that! No animal can do that. Neither men nor animals do that. Islam is not a religion of violence; it’s not a religion of killing people; it’s not a religion of bloodshed; it’s not a religion of suicide bombing; our religion is that of mercy, kindness and magnanimity. It’s a religion of benevolence, decencies and knowledge. It’s a religion of moderation. Extremism has no place in our religion. As a hadith goes, “In Islam, one is not allowed to harm either others or himself.” I daresay what’s going on in the world has been imposed on Muslims by the global arrogance. Jihad means to defend your home and land against invaders. It means to confront infidels when they wage a war against Muslims. Only Islamic leaders can issue jihad verdicts. Not everyone is allowed to issue them. It’s against Shariah. Allah says, “Obey Allah, and obey the Messenger, and those charged with authority among you.” So, only Muslim rulers have the authority to issue jihad verdicts. So, this idea that anyone can issue jihad verdicts is totally rejected in Islam. It’s not acceptable. When it comes to issuing fatwas, personal opinions have no place in Islam. No one is allowed to issue a jihad fatwa at will. Many things are being done in Muslim countries, on the part of both governments and individuals, in the name of Islam, which are not Islamic at all. As an attempt by British colonialism, Wahhabism was created to sow division in the Muslim world. But gradually, as we look at the changes over time, there was a shift in its confrontation from the non-Muslim world to the Muslim world, aiming mainly to destroy other Islamic sects. So, at first, one of its aims was apparently to confront non-Muslim world. aiming mainly to destroy other Islamic sects. And this was, in fact, one of its aims to be after such goals,

apparently right from the very beginning. It has been mentioned in some sources that Wahhabis regard 80% of Muslims as infidels and that according to their principles, they are allowed to kill, rob and rape followers of other Islamic sects. In fact, these are the ideological building blocks of collective and sectarian violence that Takfiris use against other Islamic sects and groups, especially Shia and Sunni Muslims. If anyone kills an innocent – unless it is for murder or for spreading mischief in the land – it is as though he kills all humanity. This is not a hadith but a Quranic verse. So, there is no question about it. The new generation is being bombarded emotionally in an interesting way. We are influenced by audio-visual elements along with other elements in society. When we say, for example, that someone is a believer, the first thing that comes to our minds is that he or she just prays regularly. Or when we say that someone prays it doesn’t mean that he or she just does things related to the world after. In our religious culture, even when a person exercises, he or she is praying. Or when a person works, he or she is praying. According to the Prophet, an honest merchant is an angels’ companion. From the north, the west, the east and the south … Extremism begets violence and violence causes violence. Bloodshed just adds up to more bloodshed. Though, according to Shariah, you are allowed to kill a murderer in retaliation, the Quran and the Prophet (PBUH) recommend strongly that you forgive the murderer. It’s incumbent upon you as prospective preachers to confront the violent version of Islam. Islam is all kindness. It’s all peace and friendship. It’s all affection. It’s all mercy and compassion. Islam is totally against intellectual slavery. It is haram and an unforgivable sin. No one is allowed to enslave other people mentally making them do wrong things like killing etc. It’s definitely unforgivable. It’s against Shariah and no Muslim endorses it. It has to do with common sense as well. It has to do with common sense. Suppose, someone issues a fatwa that if you kill yourself you’ll go to heaven immediately. Do you kill yourself!? Forget about suicide bombing. Just cut your own head or kill yourself with a gun and then you’ll go to heaven. And I might say I’ve seen a fatwa or hadith about it. Is it sensible!? Our teenage boys are being dispatched to the front line and our teenage girls are being abused sexually under a Takfiri fatwa called Jihad Al-Nikah and we take no measures to stop it. There is not such a thing as Jihad Al-Nikah in Islam. And Islamic scholars, from the advent of Islam on, have not mentioned such a thing. The fatwa is totally in contradiction to Shariah. When the Prophet sent him (Imam Ali) to conquer Kheibar - he was the commander of the operation - he told him,“Don’t kill children; don’t burn trees; don’t burn or kill animals; don’t kill those praying in synagogues; don’t kill children and women; don’t persecute young people working on farms; only those who are going to fight against you.” These are Islamic teachings. They’re all about magnanimity, forgiveness, etiquette and respect even to your opponents. Those who want to make a judgment about Islam study the Quran, Islamic traditions and the way the Prophet, his companions and Imams lived. But they (Takfiris) are not our role models and we don’t agree with them.

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