The Curious Case of Philip Marshall

Philip Marshall, a veteran airline captain and former government “special activities” contract pilot, had authored three books on Top Secret America, a group presently conducting business as the United States Intelligence Community. Marshall is the leading aviation expert on the September 11th attack, as well as a masterful storyteller. In his final book “The Big Bamboozle: 9/11 and the War on Terror,” a 2012 publication Marshall theorized it wasn’t al-Qaida but rather U.S. and Saudi government officials who orchestrated 9/11. In February 2013, he was found dead along with his two children in their home in California. Reports indicate all 3 died of gunshot wounds. Police regarded the case as a double murder- suicide case. But many pieces do not add up. Simply, a loving father and devoted husband would kill his children before turning the gun on himself. Besides, prior to his death, he had confided to his closest that he was terrified of his family being targeted by secret agents. This movie looks into this whistleblower’s investigations and tries to find out what he could have possibly found that cost his life and that of his loved ones.

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“A father shot and killed his two teenage children”

“It only adds to the questions and confusion that the investigator says a brother and sister are gunned down by their own father”

“Deputy says 14 yr old Mckala Philips and her 17yr old brother Alex was shot and killed in their home inside in this gated Forest Meadows community in the tiny town of Murphys. Investigators believe their own father Philip Marshalls shot them. the family dog and then turned the gun on himself.”


A shocking event that shook the family, the community and leaving many questions for those who knew Philip Marshall and were familiar with his work! It’s a tragic tale that gives rise to contention as to what really happened.

Philip Marshall was an author but he was also a commercial airline pilot. he flew contract missions for the central intelligence agency. And this was in the early 80's and it involved what was called the Iran Contra-Scandal. He flew a guy named Barry Seal on missions for the drug enforcement administration and the central intelligence agency. Barry Seal was assassinated in a gangland style--hit in 1986 in Baton, Rouge, Louisiana right before he was going to testify about other people involved in the Iran-Contra.


Philip Marshall was this retired airline pilot with this long CIA crime related history. And he was living in retirement in his Calaveras Country, California

Now Philip Marshall has a very checkered history. He was smuggling cocaine with Barry Seal for the CIA. He piloted Barry Seal, the world's most notorious CIA drug smuggler around in a private aircraft. He was tied in this sort of group of forty CIA drug smuggling network.

Initially, this is how he started out. And after that he went to work for Eastern Airlines and then he went to fly for United Airlines.

He retired in the 1990s.


Even though Philip Marshall retired, his interest in aviation and how FAA conducts its matter of business, still remained intact from his pilot days.


Philip Marshall was excited about his work. He was enthusiastic and passionate. He had a lot to say and a lot to contribute

he had very strong family ties, he was a devoted father, had a stable marriage.

His first book he wrote was called Lakefront Airport. And it was a novel based on his experienced on flying people like Barry Seal around,

Footage of planes hitting the towers and government officials speaking about what happened etc

After 9/11, he looked at that whole situation and he decided it could not have happened the way the government said it happened. And he wrote two nonfiction books. The last one called the Big Bamboozle about basically how this scenario that was explained by the 9/11 Commission could've never taken place. he flew the 767 and 757. So he was very familiar with these two aircrafts and he just looked at this as a pilot.


Having credentials as a pilot and then gaining momentum from his two previous books, there was speculation that Philip Marshall might have discovered some information that geared/encouraged/motivated him to start on a third book on 9/11.

if you look at the first book He maintained that the aircraft were piloted by the alleged hijackers--Mohammad Atta and the others. His third book he may be veering away from that theory and the reason why is, I attended Phil Marshal's memorial And one of the things I found out from a family member--my question was can you tell me what he was looking--what was the third book about. The individual works in law enforcement (relative).

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This individual told me you want to look where my relative was looking--you want to look at Mirana, Arizona. Mirana, Arizona is the location of Panal Air park. Panal Air Park hosts Evergreen Aviation. Evergreen Aviation is a well-known CIA front activity. There's also US Special Forces that conduct training at this facility.

I think his books were like a series. As he would find out more and more information, obviously some people were reading his books. And he was being contacted by a lot of people who knew information. Every time he got more and more information, it seemed like he would publish a new book. So he was working on yet a third book on 9/11. And we don't know what that book was going to be about, however, for one thing is computer is still missing. The police confiscated his computer. And the last I heard it was in the Department of Justice technical laboratory in Sacramento.

So the Big Bamboozle, he basically looked at this like a pilot and questioned how the planes could’ve been commandeered and how the military failed to respond according to their own regulations and operational orders. And so it was basically the Big Bamboozle was what the American people were told, they were lied to.

The questions that Phil Marshall raised were

for example, how could the entire North American air defense structure and the Federal Aviation Administration (the FAA)- managed to collapse in less than an hour really on 9/11--even less time than that. He looked at that and said how could this have happened unless there was some sort of collusion at the top. I mean his questions were questions asked by many others but very few people who asked those questions had the kind of background that Phil Marshall had.


Philip Marshall essentially was in disbelief that the FAA would allow such a great miscommunication to happen on the tragic day of 9/11. He was trying to make sense of it through an air force perspective. While he was trying to figure out how the military and FAA could falter on their own procedures, others completely disregarded reports from the media and sought to seek answers for possible political foul play in the occurrence of the 9/11 attack.


Philip Marshall's version of 9/11 is a little different from mine. Philip Marshall's version is something along the lines LIHOP version--Let it Happen On Purpose. Philip Marshall accepts that there was sort of a radical Muslim Arab plot to attack the twin towers and the Pentagon. And the role of the US authorities was just to get out the way and let it happen on purpose. I of course am more with the MIHOP camp--Made It Happen On Purpose camp. That is we believe there was no such radical Muslim Arab plot, that to the extent that it was, was actually part of a national security false flag operation. And I think that Marshall's version is perhaps a little easier to swallow for people who accept the standard picture of events in the media. It's hard for a lot of people that their government is not really democratic. And that it is bought and paid for by financial forces behind the scene. And that those financial forces are really what orchestrate these things. And it's hard for people to accept that millions of people were killed in these wars after 9/11 have been killed for such a complete lie

Philip Marshall's book accepts the idea that these radical Muslims hijackers--ties them into the Saudi government. And then says that the US government just got out of the way and let it happen. And no I don't accept that.


Despite all of this debate, many argue the 9/11 commission released a solid report on the tragic incident and based on its vast research it should not be contested. They write off/label/conclude any other theory that deviates from this report as a conspiracy theory.

Wayne Madsen:

Phil Marshall, like many people have written about 9/11 either have to go to self publishers or subsidized publishers or just in time publishers. The big publishing houses which are in New York don't want to touch these stories.

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They are more apt to publish books that substantiate and support the 9/11 Commission findings--maybe with a few disagreements. But not to suggest in any way shape or form that the US government had any advanced knowledge of 9/11. That just doesn't usually make through the process.


9/11 is a third rail in politics. It is nuclear radioactive in politics. The government, the media has an understanding that it will not be discussed unless in the official story. And that anyone who challenges the official story must be a nutcase. However, this goes far beyond 9/11.


The mainstream world will not allow for any other story besides the official story to be taken as the truth for 9/11. So where do those who dig too deep and try to make sense of the events that occurred that day fit into society?

Local Fox 40 Sacramento coverage of how hundreds gather to mourn the death of the siblings

The way the media portrayed the official story of Philip Marshall’s domestic murder/suicide raised a lot of questions to those who were familiar with his work. As an investigative journalist Wayne Madison looks into it.

Wayne Madsen:

when I got to Calaveras County, I actually walked around his house, looked into the windows and this is probably about a week or so (week and half maybe ) after this death. The first thing I noticed were a bunch of empty banker boxes at his front door. The house had basically been cleaned out. The banker boxes were interesting because either they were left over after hauling some files out or they brought there and said we got our files we'll leave these here. Or they files in those boxes that had been removed. The computer had been ripped out of the wall, the wires were there but you can see where it had been yanked from the cable.

He allegedly killed himself and his children on the evening of January 31st.

His children didn't show up for school the next the day which was Friday. Their friends got concerned because they were teenagers and kids these days are always sending tweets and whatnot. Saturday morning and that was February the 2nd, the children came to the house and went to the neighbor. They all went over next door The door was open-unlocked. Phil Marshall had always told his friends that with what he was writing he had to be careful for personal safety. He always locked his door.

The neighbor walked in, saw Phil Marshall lying on the floor on his back with a bullet hole which had bled profusely on the left side of his head. And this was very interesting because Phil Marshall was right -handed. The gun was lying underneath Phil's body. His son and his daughter were shot on like a sofa--U shaped sofa. One was on one long part of the U and opposite was the other. The pet dog--shih tsu--a little white yappy dog was found dead--shot to death in the bedroom. A lot of people wondered, even say if you were going to kill yourself and the kids, why the dog?


Sergeant Chris Hewitt commented on the police investigation stating “All evidence and information at the scene confirmed this was indeed a double-murder suicide and there was no evidence to suggest there was an outside party who entered the house and committed a triple murder.” The Sheriffs department made this conclusion the same day the three bodies were found.


So there's the question of whether Philip Marshall's death is conspiracy theory is really kind of the wrong terminology the real question is whether this is actually a murder/suicide as the police say or was it some kind of an assassination possibly a national security assassination.

Then given that Philip Marshall wrote a book arguing that 9/11 was a false flag operation, it certainly makes you wonder if he may have been killed to try to cover something up information he had coming to light or something of that nature.


The thing to understand is in a murder/suicide usually--in all cases--in a true murder-suicide the husband is leaving his wife and wants to destroy the children and destroy any evidence of their life. Philip Marshall had a very strong marriage.

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Linda :

And he had said to his friends--private very close friends-- and also to some members of the 9/11 community that he was worried that his family would be targeted by government agents and might face repercussions for his own activism and opposition for challenging the official story on 9/11. So he had spoken about his fear for his family. Usually in a murder-suicide where the dog is also killed, it's because there's a single parent who feels the children and family pet have no one to care for them after the adult is gone. So they kill the entire family in despair. there's nothing about Philip Marshall as a man that fits the profile of a murder-suicide. This is not something anyone believes who knows him.


There are other cases that may contribute to this thought of having your life endangered or compromised for addressing information on 9/11.


I had learned about 9/11 from my CIA handler in April 2001. He told me about it. He had told me that threats against the Iraqi government originated at the highest levels of government above the CIA director and above the Secretary of State. And those are only three people. President Bush, Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. And I cannot even dignify those men with their titles. I was told of this in April -May of 2001 that the threats of the Iraqi government originated from those people. And that was the backchannel language I was supposed to use. He described exactly was going to happen. That we believed airplanes would strike the World Trade Center. We knew the target. We knew the timing. I knew it was going to happen in the late summer, early fall. So I knew from the get-go something was completely wrong with this story.


I contacted Congress. I contacted a former boss of mine. A democrat of Oregon named Peter DeFasio, who still is on Capitol Hill till this day. I contacted Senator Trent Lott's office and Senator McCain's office, requesting to testify on Capitol Hill. Thirty days after I had contacted their offices and requested to testify on Iraqi prewar intelligence and the real facts as an asset on the ground dealing with Iraqi embassy every two to three weeks for seven to eight years--I knew everything! And I wanted to tell!

Linda[ 25:30]: Thirty days after, I woke up the FBI pounding on my door with an arrest warrant on the Patriot Act. I said what have I done. He said the attorney will tell you later. They couldn't even tell me what I had done. They just said you are arrested on the Patriot Act.


So these other case opens up speculation on Philip Marshall’s case possibly being a FBI coverup. Was he in the midst of researching information that could’ve embarassed the US government or something the federal government didn’t want as common knowledge

Considering that the neighbors reported Philip Marshall’s concerns over his family being targeted due to the nature of his books, what kind of questions did his death raise for his own family? Did anyone of them believe the research of his new book may have something to do with his death?

Wayne madsen:

So a relative of Phil Marshall who works in federal law enforcement said look Phil was snooping around Mirana. And I checked it out, it's a location of Evergreen Aviation which is a CIA proprietary airline. It is been a location for a lot of CIA operations--aviation operations. And it is still is and Special Forces. Special Forces train there. they do paratroop training and other special operations there. But Mirana may not be familiar to many people but anyone who has driven by Mirana eventually can look out at a huge air field. when I realized what Mirana is. There can be only one explanation why Phil Marshall was interested in Mirana, and that reason is that--and if this was the subject of the next book it would've been a blockbuster. It could've explained all the anomalies of 9/11. That the planes that hit the Trade Center actually recomissioned civilian aircrafts 757 and 767s from the Mirana airfield where they are stored.The only explanation is that Phil Marshall was tipped off by somebody on the inside he had been contacted by some of the old veterans of the Iran Contra affairs--Central Intelligence people. So the next book and what the government would've killed him if Phil Marshall had contained some information that the aircraft used on 9/11 were not those regularly scheduled planes--American and United.


some of the people who question 9/11 are still on the fence of Philip Marshall’s case being a plotted murder strictly due to his 9/11 related novels.. They do believe however that there was definitely something someone didn’t want the public knowing.


I don't know if Marshall was murdered--I'm not even a hundred percent certain that he was murdered at all. It is possible the police version could conceivably be true. Wayne Madsen who I trust says that he's hundred percent sure that the police version is wrong. but I haven't studied it enough to really know. As far as likely motives for this being a professional hit--which I think it probably was--would include alot of things other than 9/11. I don't think he was murdered because he wrote a book on 9/11. Alot of us have written books on 9/11. There are many many dozens. There are probably well over a hundred pretty solid books discussing very aspects of the 9/11 inside job by now. And nobody is going around murdering off authors of 9/11 books. Which is fortunate for me. (laughs). So no I don't think that was the reason. It was more likely that he had some kind of information that someone didn't want made public. His computer was apparently was taken after he was killed. And there were people cleaning his house. There were mysterious vans showing up with communications equipment doing unauthorized cleanings of his house according to Wayne Madison. So it sounds like somebody was after information that he had. And that could've involved anything. So he probably had some kind of information and they probably killed him and took the information back.


Considering that there were elements of murder and possible suicide, the case should have been a long winded complex investigation. However, without a motive, a coroner’s report or paraffin tests, Philip Marshall was accused of shooting his two children and the family dog before turning the gun on himself.Why was this such an open and shut case for the county sheriff’s department?

Why was the conclusion of the murder/suicide made within the same day of finding the bodies?

Wayne Madsen:

the thing is one would wonder why is why did the county sheriff take such a lackadaisical attitude towards Phil Marshall. Well number one he is a Tea Party Republican. So he’s going to defend anyone who is charging George W Bush or Dick Cheney at any role whatsoever at carrying out the 9/11 attacks. So immediately there’s going to be an adversarial relationship there. Making matters worse would be the fact that not only was Phil Marshall questioning the Tea Party’s greatest president George W. Bush and what he did on 9/11 but he’s now placed the parties--first celebrating Barack Obama’s re-election and his second inauguration. My feeling is that the sheriff did not like Phil Mrshall. This is a small county afterall. I think that--although people who Phil Marshall liked him and didn’t think he would’ve killed himself and the kids. There were others out there who were not as friendly to Phil Marshall.


His wife Ann told the media that Marshall had problems with alcohol, was attention-seeking, egotistical, could be mean, and had a temper. She recalls a time he was nearly fired after yelling at a superior at Eastern Air Lines. He would also throw clubs in the water while golfing. She goes on to say that he had a problem with authority figures in his life. Recalling a time where he wanted her to roll down the car window and yell at police officer. When she refused, she recalled, “He kind of got mad and smacked her back against the seat.” So she definitely raised questions on his mental health and stability.

According to leading psychiatrists, Younger children are much more likely to be killed than teenagers. If a child is killed for being “mouthy,” the remark that came out here, that’s more likely to lead to fatal battering. [Usually, in such cases,] a 3-to-5-year-old is thrown against a wall in an overzealous attempt at discipline and dies — as opposed to [a parent] planning to kill and shooting them with a gun

Fathers are more likely to wipe out the whole family. In 95% of those cases, the fathers are the killer. The father may feel, I can’t support my family, I’m responsible for them, I’ll take all of them out with me.

So, is this a case of a father believing that his children were better off dead? Could the police version have some truth to it considering that there are many similar cases out there.


I definitely do not accept the police version of the Philip Marshall death. But the fact is that in these type of cases in which there is an obvious national security component and violent death, here in the United States we don't have honest police work. I can give you thousands of examples to show which prove in national security cases the local police, state police are trumped by federal agencies and that those federal agencies have in their agenda in many cases covering up national security assassinations. And the thing is there really is no way to tell in many cases whether or not this is another one of these national security assassinations. But there are a lot of signs that may be the case with Philip Marshall.

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I believe that Philip Marshall was killed by a private security firm. There's another death--a very suspicious death of Michael Hastings who was a Rolling Stones journalist who wrote a devastating article on General McCrystal who was running the battlefield front in Afghanistan (who was then fired). Michael Hastings then turned his attention to General Patraya and the use of surveillance on top leaders in the United States for purpose of blackmail.

Michael Hastings was killed in the same community--the greater Los Angeles area--as Philip Marshall. We believe--I personally believe-- that there is a private security firm that is handling that area. That is monitoring that society--the Los Angeles area. And they are responsible for managing the fate of activists. And they had exceeded their authority by far. They have gone kind of rogue. We would call it rogue action.


Is Philip Marshall just one of many who have experienced this kind of fate when venture too deep into realm of national security issues?

Wayne Madsen’s interview

Phil Marshall was not the only person who had an interest in US covert operations 9/11, who have died viciously. He’s one of many actually. And in every single one of these cases, proper police investigative techniques are overlooked. There’s inadequate forensics. Why was the crime scene cleaned before the investigation was complete. What happened to Philip Marshall’s computer. Who has it now and what information was on it. Who were the people who went to the premises after the professional cleaners showed up in unmarked SUVs-what agencies did they represent. Were they federal government agents present? What is going on at Mirana Airfield? What did Philip Marshall stumble upon at Mirana Airfield at Panal Airpark that could’ve had him put a death sentence on him? Why the kids? These are things anybody would ask. The focus should be on the sheriff and why did the sheriff hire a new public affair person right before Phil Marshall incident took place.


Should 9/11 whistleblowers need to be worried that their lives may be in danger by the federal agencies?


the federal authorities in this country do not go around killing everybody who does 9/11 truth work. They have other ways of dealing with us. They do character assassinations. They assassinate our reputations and keep us from making a living. They marginalize us, they have types of strategies to harass us. But thank goodness, for the most part don't kill us. Unless somebody hands me an envelope full of information that somebody really doesn't want me to put out (and that hasn't happened yet), I don't think I am likely to meet that fate. At least I hope not. (laughs)


Well I will tell you that as you know I was the second woman arrested on the Patriotic Act. Second non-arab woman arrested on the Patriotic Act and there's a misconception in the United States that only foreigners are being targeted and certainly mostly they are. However, what's happening increasingly is especially with private security firms are tasked to police the community no judicial supervision at all. And they are taking it upon themselves to hand out punishments which are outside the policy barriers.


No I think we should pursue this case and pursue in all cases like this--where it appears that somebody who had become a whistleblower. Philip Marshall apparently had become one towards the end of his life is killed and especially when family members are killed too. This is a bad enough crime that I think we need to get to the truth. We owe the truth to Philip Marshall and to his family and to the country. Even if it turns out that it wasn't the federal authorities behind this. We need to know that. It's just not right to be living in a country where the truth of these kind of situations is just not available. If we don't have the truth we cannot have an informed populace and we cannot have anything remotely resembling democracy. So yeah this is one of those cases where we need to tenaciously pursue the truth.


We will never truly know what happened that day in the Marshall residence. Many take the sheriffs department’s word for the truth still others who knew him very well are convinced there was a third party that day. Why this all happened and it’s relation Philip Marshall’s work in 9/11 is still a question that needs to be answered. All we can do is press for more investigation in matters that seem suspect of foul play.

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