Chronicles of a Crime

Following WW2 a series of tribunals was held by the victorious Allied forces. These trials were aimed at prosecuting high ranking Nazi Party officials on accounts of war crimes, crimes against peace and crimes against humanity. The Nuremberg Trials had left an immense impact on International Law. Later the Nuremberg Principles were set as a benchmark for defining war crimes by the United Nations International Law Commission in 1950. But why these overarching principles were merely set to charge the crimes committed by the Nazis and not the victorious powers? Can they still be called upon to try the modern day war criminals? There are widespread reports of torture, massive loss of civilian lives, and destruction of infrastructure and looting of wealth in post-US-invasion Iraq only, not to mention the fact the US-lead war was not sanctioned by the UN. Are America and its allies above the law? In Chronicles of a Crime we witness US sanctimonious approach towards International Laws and Community while committing unspeakable crimes in the name of liberation and freedom in Iraq. Experts’ interviews help the viewers realize what it means to be the one who has written the law itself to be implemented against others and not one’s self.

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