A Gasp for Breath

According to the latest research studies and statistics, the earth's temperature is on an escalating rise. This phenomenon, which is referred to as climate change or global warming, is due to the interruption in the system of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and anticipates a threatening and imminent future for the earth inhabitants and their environment. Global warming has a high potentiality to increase the frequency of drought, storms, and other natural disasters that take place on the earth’s surface. Furthermore, as other repercussions of this phenomenon, water resources are being destroyed: Natural ice caps, which are the main source of sweet drinking water for billions of people, are melting; we are also witnessing the extinction of many animal species. In "A Gasp for Breath," Press TV's exclusive and highly analytic documentary, a group of prominent analysts and experts on various environmental issues and other related topics elaborate on the underlying reason of the increasing rise of the earth's temperature, i.e., the proliferation of greenhouse gases as a result of the increase in human activities and hazardous technological development as well as the rise of fuel consumption by Earth inhabitants.

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