Nahid Jafarzadeh

Mrs Nahid Jafarzadeh is a successful mother and businesswoman whose profession and passion is to host tourists and introduce the real Iran to them.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “This group was the second that came here from the World Bank … and as you know the employees at the World Bank are international. The first group’s visit was very successful because they all had a high level of education and they knew Iran very well. It was their dream to come and visit Iran. When they came here in August and returned, they sent us numerous letters to thank us.

When we arranged for the second group to come here, unfortunately, we came across some visa restrictions adopted by the U.S. After the sanctions on our country were lifted, they imposed sanctions on some individuals. The frightened people a bit… so we were forces to bring in a smaller group of people.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Mariko Higashi, Japanese Tourist: “I can see girls come to us and you know ask, where are you from? Welcome and very they are very welcoming, I was wonderful”

SOUNDBITE [English] School students: “Goodbye”

SOUNDBITE [English] Ravinder Singh Bugga, Indian Tourist: “The children I saw, were wonderful they came and ask to take picture with us and we just saw a little girl in a mosque in this road, she was so pretty, they are so happy and really just so full of life.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “As much as I always wanted to visit , see and get to know the people of other countries, I thought why not to do it in my own country, which has such a high potential.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Ravinder Singh Bugga, Indian Tourist: “The Iranian people near been to 34 country around the world, I have to say we have never in any country felt so welcome with such warm people, who always say welcome to Iran, we hope you have a wonderful time here, you know, we like to have tourist, it really makes feel us at home.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “Ms. Larizadeh, would you please do me a favor? Please get an outlook for Alexander.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “I’m Nahid Jafarzadeh. I was brought up in rather crowded family and since childhood I always liked to be independent and work.

-Thank you.

After marriage, I took some training courses. I did a course in Technical Tour Management, I also took a tour guide training course and I received my license in 2000 and started working right away. When this job started, it started with love and the personal motivation of being independent! But as time went by, I realized that it can also create many jobs. For each single tourist that enters the country, many people need to get involved. The foreign currency it brings into the country is good for the nation. This is the best reward I’m getting from this job.”

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “Doing this job is actually impossible without the help of your spouse and children. You already know that when women get married they have a set of responsibilities and when they have kids that just adds to their responsibilities. This is where your spouse’s understanding and cooperation allows you to carry on with the job you like. Even the children’s understanding of their mother’s situation and the efforts they put in to help you out is important! Otherwise, it’s just impossible to work!

SOUNDBITE [English] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “I just want to know that how you find about Iran and have you found another way? Has your idea changed about Iran? How did you find it?”

SOUNDBITE [English] Joyce Bullock Darrell, American Tourist: “I find it beautiful, the people are noting but kind and generous and very very forgiving and I think that the media probably, I don’t know about media where!! That is in America dose the service.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Charles George Darrell, American Tourist: “The reason to travel is to experience culture, to be curious to understand things and I can understand things and here I can never understand about Persian or around before. It is wonderful.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency: “When they come here and see an Iranian woman working they get a real image because they’ve heard many contradictory things about Iran in the media. The same people, when they return home, they spread the news and this changes the overall view of their people because people don’t really trust the media but they do trust people. This gives people a better motivation to want to come and visit Iran.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Ferial Galadari, World Bank Retire: I didn’t grow up in Iran but I feel great about the comments the people and my colleagues gave me! This was a fabulous trip and I think our guests will be leaving Iran tonight with Beautiful memories.”

SOUNDBITE [English] Ravinder Singh Bugga, Indian Tourist: “You know being engaged with requests from the all over the world to come and design many other…”

SOUNDBITE [English] Leila Araghian, Architect, and Designer of Tabiat Bridge: “No, only I get a lot of inquiries to do, introduce to send pictures of the bridge to be published in magazines. I get a lot of questions from students and how can we become successful? And I don’t know what to answer and I don’t know what is the formula, So I think I am more concerned now about having project to do with enhancing quality of public space in cities or people and I think there is a need for bigger vision from the city authorities to get to that point”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Ferial Galadari, World Bank Retire: “I’m very glad to have been able to bring my colleagues to Iran. They’ve found several things about Iran quite attractive. One is the friendship, kindness and hospitality of Iranians, the other is our beautiful country and the cleanliness in Iran. I really feel proud of being an Iranian!”

SOUNDBITE [English] Marlene Cecilia Jacome, Colombian Tourist: “Well my experience in Iran! Let me tell you, it has been fantastic, I never expect what I have seen is fact, when I decided to make my trip my friends told me: Are you going to Iran? Are you crazy? I said: “Well this is something I always wanted to do and I’m gonna go, I have never been in a country that people look at you and say “Welcome to Iran” and they said in a way that they mean it, it is not just like that, you know, so they want to take pictures with us, they were curious, they wanted to know where we came from? They wanted to know how old I was. It was beautiful, one girl said, I said: “Well you guess how old am I? And she said: “45” and I said: “Yes””

SOUNDBITE [English] Nahid Jafarzadeh, Manager at Touran Zamin Tourism Agency:

“Ok Dear all, I honor to host you in Iran, and I hope you go home back with good memories and come back again. Thank you very much for visiting my country, Thank you.”

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