Manijeh Pamenari

In this episode of Women of Iran, we will visit a school teacher. After 26 years of teaching, Manijeh Pamenari still talks about her carrier as the true love of her life.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, (Teacher at classroom): “Hello!


Hello Soheil!


Hello, good morning!


This small class of mine is my paradise. The kids I deal with every year are like angels. I've time and again thanked God for helping me to be able to sympathize with the students in my class.





"Take care of"

"Take care of"

How do you say "z" and "a"?

It's pronounced "za, za, za"

How do you say "z" and "e"?

It's pronounced "ze, ze, ze"”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher: “I'm Manijeh Pamenari. I joined the Ministry of Education in 1990. I continued my studies in the the same field. The field of elementary education. I have 26 years of experience.


Several of my articles have been published in the Technological Education and Roshd magazines.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Masoud Mashayekhi, School Principal: “A distinct character of hers is her geniality and good relations with students. A first grade teacher, in my opinion, is an architect and a builder ... and plays a structural role. Thank God she had these characteristics.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Teachers at school: “Alright, go to the next page ... turn the page.

Here it says, "What would you like to do in the farm of your life"?

We will try to “what” with the lessons we've learned?

Apply them in our lives.

Apply them in our lives.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher: “In my opinion, a teacher's job goes beyond teaching the times table, figures, numbers, the alphabet and Farsi language. A teacher's job is to be able to cope with various tastes students have and with their problems.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher at classroom: “Oh God, the compassionate .... God the compassionate.

We thank you for ...

Who's got a pencil I can give to Shayan?

Me! ... Me!

Me, I've got two!

Have you?

Listen everybody, shouldn't talk during a spelling test!

We only write it down and lean back.

Well done Soheil!

God, we thank our good teacher ... It's talking about me ... Thank our good teacher.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher: “I really like my job. I find it almost impossible to imagine myself in another job. I really like my job. If we teach kids moral values, we've won. Values like truth and honesty are really important.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher: “This is my son Sina. He's 20 years old. He's really interested in arts and he's into singing and music. I think he wants to continue his studies in the same field. My daughter's 16 years old. She's in grade 10. When Sina was in grade 3, I was his teacher. That wasn't a very good year for Sina. For a while I didn't even tell anyone that I'm his mother. For instance, once I wanted to choose a monitor in class, and he got offended when someone else was chosen and said, "Why did you pick him as a monitor and not me?””

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Sina Arechi, Manijeh’s son: “I well, remember this story! She stepped into class and said it's too noisy! I want to choose a monitor. I felt that there were waves and I was surrounded by fire. I wanted to get up and say "me" and she just picked someone else! She picked someone else and I felt ashamed, upset and like crying! Then I went to her and whispered in her ear, "You're so unfair! I'm your son, how could you do that to me!””

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher: “Ha, ha! Whenever we talk about it, he remembers it all over again!

I apologize! Ha, ha, ha!”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Sina Arechi, Manijeh’s son: “I won't forgive you!”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Shima Arechi, Manijeh’s Daugheter: “Most of my friends who were a student of yours like you very much. Oh, Mrs. Pamenari! Whenever we see each other, they want to know more about my mom than they do about me! They think you were a very good teacher, not a strict one.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Students talking on their teacher: “We like our teacher very much. You can ask any of the kids in our class, we like her very much.

What should I say?

Oh! Don't talk! Let me explain the movie. ... Because she teaches us lessons.

The teacher is very good. The vice principal teaches us discipline.

Don't interrupt when I'm explaining the movie!

What are you taking about!

She's taught us many many lessons. She's done a lot for us.

Like writing and reading so I can read story books.

Your friend is here!

It took us a year to learn how to read and write.

Hey, give me the microphone!

Here you are!

Because our teacher is kind.

Because our teacher is kind.

Because she's kind and teaches us lessons. She helps us.

Our teacher is the one who teaches us.

Our teacher is very kind.

I've already said that! ... I said that!

Ha, ha, ha!

What's he saying?

Because she's nice.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Manijeh Pamenari, Teacher: “Whenever I open the door and enter the class, I leave all my problems behind the door. Then I close the door and come in myself. My spirit really goes up and when I go home at noon it seems as if those problems don't even exist. We have an alphabet celebration. I hope the kids have a good time. We're doing our best to have a good ceremony. Today's a good day for me as well. This is one of our very good celebrations because I see the kids have learnt. I wish them all the best in the future.

I'm glad that the kids can now easily read informative and sweet story books and are prepared to take bigger steps to improve their skills in the coming years.

Today's the last day of school. We will definitely miss the kids. During summer, when I walk in an alley, street or park, I keep an eye open to see kids the same age and look for familiar faces so I might see them.”

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