Firoozeh Rahimi

A renowned ophthalmologist and a full professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi treats her patients with utmost care and teaches a new generation of specialists.

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Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Ms. Mahmoudi, Patient: “The patient's operation is a PRK surgery, which is actually a method for correcting refractive errors.

This patient will only have an operation on one eye.

Ms. Mahmoudi, make sure you don't move your hand upward.

Ms. Mahmoudi, Patient: Okay

Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi: Move your chin down a bit, a bit more.

Okay, that good.

Ms. Mahmoudi, I'll be talking to you but don't reply unless I ask you to do so.

I'll put a ring on your eye and a liquid will be poured into it and you won't be able to see anything for a few moments but don't panic because there's liquid in this ring. Don't move you eye anymore.


I want to start. Should I?

Nurse: Are you ready?

Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi: Yes.

Don't move your eye.

We wash it.

Thank you.

Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi: More power to you.

Thank you.

Okay, your cornea is all wounded because of the laser, and that's why it's natural for a pain to start within an hour. But this pain will be relieved if you rest, keep your room dark and use your eye drops. The lens won't fall out if you don't rub your eye.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi, Ophthalmologist at Tehran University:

“I'm Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi. I'm currently a university professor and I have completed a cornea fellowship. I work in the cornea ward at Farabi Hospital. Farabi Hospital is the biggest ophthalmology center in the Middle East. Farabi hospital specializes in one field. That means it only works in ophthalmology.

After graduating in medicine at the age of 24, I started specializing in ophthalmology, and I've been working at Farabi Hospital since then. I've never left that place.

-Your cornea's become thin but it won't tear off that easily. Even if it does, we have a special kind of glue that we will use during the operation. There's a solution for everything.

This clinic in Farabi Hospital specializes in cornea. There are two groups of professors here who specialize in corneal diseases and work as consultants in this clinic.”

Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Patient: “Move his head up.

-No, no, no ... Shhhh!

- She has a corneal scar

- Yes

- But it's smaller ...

- Open your eyes.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi, Ophthalmologist at Tehran University: “We have fellowship or post-M.D. training here as well.

Currently, two people who are doing a cornea fellowship program will be staying with us here for 18 months, and they'll be trained to specialize in corneal diseases.

What was his initial diagnosis?

- A corneal scar

Actually, the scientific board members working at hospitals are not always in a classroom. Our class is practical, with patients around. They are taught and trained with the patients here.”

Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Patient: “Look downwards, look downwards ... Straight.

Didn't you come for a checkup after the transplant?

-Yes I did.

- Well what happened? Place your chin here.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mahdi Zandian, Assistant Professor, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences: “I've been working with professor Rahimi since I became a resident in 2006, and I'm honored to still be her student now that I'm doing my fellowship.”

Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Mahdi Zandian: “-Have you pulled his stitches today?

- Yeah, they were pulled today.

- How many?

- About four or five.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mahdi Zandian, Assistant Professor, Hamadan University of Medical Sciences: “She loves teaching and training. She's the mother of Iran's ophthalmology. She's one of the most experienced in Iran and she's a very precious person.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mahmoud Jabarvand, CEO at Farabi Hospital: “Dr. Rahimi is one of the best and most senior professors at Farabi Hospital and she's well known in the field of medical cornea.”

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Conversation [Persian] Mahmoud Jabarvand & Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi: “- Hello

- Hello, how are you?

- Thanks

- Well nowadays surgery seems to be more attractive and medical cornea is not paid as much attention.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mahmoud Jabarvand, CEO at Farabi Hospital: “She perfectly diagnoses medical cornea diseases and well treats them. She's one of renowned experts in this field worldwide. Ophthalmology in Iran is of high standard because of qualified professors and the up-to-date equipment that we have in both state and private hospitals. None of our patients go abroad for treatment.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi, Ophthalmologist at Tehran University: “They're operating on a child's eye whose parents have taken him for a routine check-up and realized that his vision in one eye is less. During the check-ups they found out that he has a congenital lenticular problem.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mahmoud Jabarvand, CEO at Farabi Hospital: “Farabi Hospital is the pillar of ophthalmology in the country and is among the best eye care centers in the world. It has 39 operating rooms. Some 350 to 400 surgeries are performed here each day and about 3,000 people receive medical services at Farabi Hospital on a daily basis.”

Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Another Doctor:“-That's possible.

- You can clearly see the line. Take a look professor. It's gone into the vitreous.

- What do you want to do with it?

Operations that are performed by fellowship or senior residents are usually done by themselves and they call us over if necessary. But when junior residents perform an operation, especially if it's one they're not familiar with, a board member or the attending accompanies the fellowship student during the operation.

Okay, slow down, slow down, slow down, bring it out.

Do it slowly, bring it out. ... Bring it out. ... Okay

After taking part in the M.D. exam to graduate in ophthalmology, I ranked first in the ophthalmology board exam at the University of Tehran. I was the first woman to become a professor.

Check out the next step.

Uhu, this is the area that hasn't ... This part can also ... Let me crack it.

Grab it from a different place and this will be released. Let this go. Grab it from the side.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi, Ophthalmologist at Tehran University: “When you work at training centers, you're responsible for the residents there and you have to resolve the surgical problems that occur. Even if there is a problem, the patient holds us responsible.”

Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Another Doctor:“-350 is too high.

- Is it too high?

- Yes, yes

It's soft. 300 at most.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi, Ophthalmologist at Tehran University: “During the time I've worked at Farabi Hospital, I've held the positions of Educational Assistant and Head of the Cornea Ward. I've also been a member of the Iranian Society of Ophthalmology.

I always think whether there will be a day that I wake up not having to go to Farabi Hospital. I wouldn't know, it's a painful feeling. But every arrival has a departure.”

Conversation [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi & Patient: “Blink your eyes ... Blink your eyes ... Blink your eyes.

Well, can you tell which direction the letters in the last line are?

- No

- What about the middle line?

This patient had a surgery yesterday.

This woman actually used one of her eyes most of the time and with the vision correction we've made Before that she just couldn't see well, but now her eyes are red and irritated.

Does she have pain as well?

- Yes

Sometimes, I feel the same problems and pain a patient is feeling and I never feel at ease until that person starts feeling better.

Mydrex is just for his pain. It's ok if he drops it in his eyes. He can use it. So let me know by tomorrow.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Firoozeh Rahimi, Ophthalmologist at Tehran University: “My husband's a doctor too. He's a Urologist. We have a son who is currently studying abroad. He plans to study medicine. Last year, I was honored and awarded a trophy at the Shams Opthalmology & Visual Sciences Festival. I was very glad to receive this trophy. It meant a lot to me. My colleagues, those who see me for the first time, may think I'm a very serious and strict person but I think I'm a kind person. That's my own feeling. Ha, ha, ha!”

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