Soheila Kordestani

In this episode of Women of Iran, we will meet Dr. Soheila Kordestani, an internationally successful researcher, entrepreneur, and business-owner Iranian woman in the field of wound care.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Taraneh Nashtaki, Factory CEO: “We are actually a team who work together and Dr. Kordestani wisely and meticulously leads the team.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Farzaneh Nayeb Habib, Dr. Kordestani’s Student: “She’s proved that she is willing to heal the pain of all patients and thank God she’s been successful in doing that.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Soheila Kordestani, Molecular Biologist and Founder of ChitoTech: “You can easily attach this.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] A man, Dr. Kordestani’s Student: “Yeah, yeah. It’ll be tighter like this. It’s not tight yet.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Hosna Mehrabani, Production Manager: “I feel more motivated to work when I see that Dr. Kordestani is such a successful person. I receive positive energy. I really enjoy coming to work every day and feel motivated.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Soheila Kordestani, Molecular Biologist and Founder of ChitoTech: “Our factory is a Class 100,000 Clean Room Supplier, which is actually for medical supplies.

Take this

The most important characteristic that drives me ahead is the faith that I have in the work I begin so I can fulfill the ideal of my own researches.

There are different machines in this production hall, and we produce a group of high tech products here.

Hemostatic products, which are a special kind of sponge, are produced here and the products can be directly used to prevent venous and arterial bleedings. The applicators can be used in heart surgeries and liver surgeries, which are further inside the body, like up to 30 centimeters. The applicators can even be inserted in the body in ENT surgeries to spray powder.

I went to high school in Tehran and before finishing my high school studies I went to Britain and completed my higher education there. My PhD is in Biochemistry or Protein Chemistry to be specific and my post-PhD is in Molecular Biology.

I returned to Iran in 1992 and started working at the Amirkabir University of Technology. I independently continued my research as well.

These are my education documents in various levels and the international patents that we’ve received from Europe - Britain, France, Germany, Denmark and Ireland, which shows that our products were a novelty in the year 2002 when the patents were registered.

Since 2005, we’ve also made products, which I started researching on when I began my PhD and this is where we stand now.”

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Soheila Kordestani, Molecular Biologist and Founder of ChitoTech: “This ward is where we produce disinfectant solutions and healing gels. Our disinfectant solutions are of high sensitivity and are manufactured using nanosilver technology.

20 years ago, I made the first lab sample for my own laboratory. It looked like this and was made of Arthropods shells.

This was the only product based on which the Chito Tech company was established..

Today, it’s turned into a product with these characteristics and looks like a biological sponge.

A sponge with a high demolition capability, which can even be used inside the body. Its capacity to absorb has now become 4,000 times more. It can be used in different ways for diabetes and hemophilia patients, bleeding and etc.

It also gives me a sense of pride as a researcher, not as the founder of this production company. As a researcher, I feel proud that we have the capability to cure more diseases.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Maryam Bayat, Laboratory Manager and Quality Controller: “Being Dr. Kordestani's student during this period has been a great honor for me. She should be praised for the follow up and seriousness she has regarding our work.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Soheila Kordestani, Molecular Biologist and Founder of ChitoTech: “At ChitoTech company, we make use of women’s services a lot. We use them because they are competent. Women are usually more accurate and patient when it comes to lengthy projects”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Dr. Kordestani’s Student: “I’m very glad that our CEO is a woman. We would all like to be like Dr. Kordestani. She’s well managed to establish a manufacturing site that’s scientifically knowledge based.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Soheila Kordestani, Molecular Biologist and Founder of ChitoTech: “I truly believe that it would be very fruitful if we train the company’s employees ourselves. I have great respect for work experience, but we prefer to train many of the people who come here and join our staff.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Taraneh Nashtaki, Factory CEO: “Our workforce is mostly young, they are females. There have also been people who came here without any work experience and turned into one of the best personnel we have at the site as Dr. Kordestani gave them the benefit of the doubt. The faith she has in youth is truly valuable.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Soheila Kordestani, Molecular Biologist and Founder of ChitoTech: “In 2014, the advertisement of our Silvosept solution was published in the British Journal of Nursing. And we gave the journal a research, which was accepted and they published the article which led to the creation of this product and the results of using it next to the ad.

Currently, we are dealing with a number of leading countries and we export our products there. A branch of our company has been launched in Southeast Asia and we feel honored about it. I think we have the potential to become a serious international company when global affairs settle following the lifting of sanctions.

When each one of these is filled, I feel as if a wound is being healed and a group of hazardous microbes is being killed. This gives me a good feeling that we are fighting the destructive forces, which can put human life at risk.”

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