Rock Core Centrifuge

This doc depicts Iran’s success in producing a rock core centrifuge, which is used to analyze samples gleaned from oil fields in order to estimate the general geological conditions governing the terrains.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran: “What has been achieved in the nuclear field to date is a good omen, good tidings for the Iranian nation because they are able to reach the highest levels of science and technology in not only this field but all other major and vital industries.”

Narration: Science and technology, capital and industry are both the basis for the growth and development of any country. 60 years have passed since the very first attempts were made to bring nuclear technology to Iran.

Considering all the ups and downs and western efforts to prevent Iran from achieving this science, with the efforts of the specialists and administrators in this field, we have reached such a level of growth and strength that’s amazed the world and become strength of the country's industry. In recent years, this progress has become so noteworthy because the scientific overflow of this technology has also been used for the development of other industrial sectors in the country.

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Ali Akbar Salehi, Director of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran: “I’m pleased to once again be in the presence of the nation to have a talk regarding the achievements made by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. The overflow of science and nuclear technology or this nuclear industry as we have said on numerous occasions in the past is quite obvious in various fields, for instance in the field of health, agriculture an industry. The overflow of this science is used all across the world and our beloved country has taken major steps in this regard.”

Narration:Our country with regard to its vast underground oil and gas reserves, is one of the most important countries in the world. Iran's oil industry that's almost 120 years old is considered one of the oldest and most important pillars of global energy production and has a major share in the development of today's world.

Since the most important infrastructures of a developed or developing country are related to or dependent upon the oil industry, any improvement, progress or change regarding self sufficiency in the oil industry has a direct effect on the development of other sectors. The achievements in this field can be as vast as the country's industrial growth.

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mansour Bazmi, Deputy Director, Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “One of the most important subjects in the oil industry is drilling and the expansion of oil extraction from crude and hydrocarbon reservoirs. Most of our wells and reservoirs and the oil extraction from these wells are far less than the crude that they contain. In many developed countries .... in order to be able to extract a much higher volume of oil, scenarios regarding drilling expansion should be studied and the best scenario for each reservoir is chosen to increase extraction. In order to choose a scenario, we should have sufficient knowledge and information about the reservoir. We should know about the reservoir rock, the type of rock, its features and its physical properties. Therefore, a thorough study of the reservoir is of major importance before applying any scenario regarding the expansion of oil extraction.”

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Narration:In order to achieve this and reach new reservoirs, many sciences and techniques are used in well drilling to get to new hydrocarbon reservoirs. Among these sciences and accurate monitoring, which requires advanced technology, is the processing of rock samples soaked in petroleum, which are extracted from the earth's different layers during the drilling process. These tests are of major importance for determining the characteristics of the reservoir.

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mansour Bazmi, Deputy Director, Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “For successful drilling, we need to have good knowledge of the reservoir's rock properties. In order to determine the reservoir's rock properties, one of the most important machines used in the oil industry is the ultra centrifuge machine. This machine helps us obtain and analyze the required information about the rock reservoir and rock origins in petroleum reservoirs. The machines previously used in Iran and the only machine used by the Petroleum Industry Research Institute was manufactured in the U.S., which was purchased about 35 years ago. Well, due to the unjust sanctions imposed against the oil industry and other industries in the country over the past years, we were able to supply new machines inside the country. They also prevented us from obtaining the spare parts and routine services required for this machine because of the sanctions. Therefore, our oil industry, especially the Petroleum Industry Research Institute faced many difficulties and we faced numerous problems ahead of us during the sanctions.

Over a year ago, about one and a half years ago, we realized that the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran had manufactured ultra centrifuge machines for pharmaceutical industries as well as other industries, which had become operational. Based on this, negotiations were held between the Petroleum Industry Research Institute and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and several rounds of detailed technical talks were held in this regard. We eventually came to this conclusion that this machine could be built by the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Asghar Zarean,Special Assisstant to AEOI Director: “Due to the requirements of the Petroleum Industry Research Institute and the interaction between the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and other organizations and ministries we offered a request telling them we can design and manufacture a centrifuge with all the parameters they have in mind, which are the latest and most up to date.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Host: “In the Name of God and Hello, In the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran we have so far manufactured centrifuges for gas materials like UF6 gas and for liquids we have designed and manufactured health centrifuges for the serum manufacturing industry and vaccines. But this was the first time we came across this machine, I mean the Rock Core Centrifuge, a machine that is designed to centrifuge hard solids like rock that's been saturated in oil. Well, in the beginning the overall structure of this device was similar to other centrifuges but there are several major points about it. First of all, this machine was supposed to centrifuge a piece of solid rock not liquid or gas, which is a very significant point.”

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mohammad Reza Isfahani, Expert at Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “Rock reservoir samples are very useful as we can use them to carry out our laboratory researches. These samples are taken from drillings 3K to 3.5K meters under the surface of the earth and are prepared in coring operations and transferred to the lab. As you know, coring operations cost a lot. In the research labs of the Petroleum Industry Research Institute, very important and effective parameters such as capillary pressure, relative permeability, the electrical properties of the reservoir rock, saturated temperature, chipping and many other parameters are checked. Capillary pressure is one of the most important parameters. We can use various methods such as mercury injection, cell, post plate and centrifuge in order to measure capillary pressure or better to say capillary pressure curves.”

Narration:The basis of the operation of the Rock Core machine is capillary action of solid. In nature, plants use this property to carry water and soil nutrients to their leaves through their stem. This property is one of the most important features of the rocks in hydrocarbon reservoirs. Each earth layer that leads to the hydrocarbon reservoir is made up of rocks or a specific type of soil and how these fluids are distributed in porous layers of reservoir rocks are among the most important parameters required for research. Its analysis provides important information for the simulation of the existing hydrocarbon fluid flow in the various layers of the earth.

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mohammad Reza Isfahani, Expert at Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “Centrifuging hard solids like stone have major differences with liquids and gases. Liquids take the shape of the container and stabilize but it's not so in the case of solids. Therefore, the balance system of this machine is of major importance because this machine operates in very high rounds. Another point is that the centrifugal process in this machine is done in two ways. First, the extraction of materials from the rock and secondly, the entry of materials into it, which is known as inhibition. Therefore, there should be a design and plan for this.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Host: “Why the centrifuge device? Because it's a fast method, it's able to work with fluid reservoir and samples from the rock reservoir and it's possible to carry this out at the reservoir temperature. Other methods are time consuming. All the rock reservoir samples we've got in this lab are 1.5 inch with a length of 2 inches so it can be said that its length is about five centimeters. But this machine has been designed for a 3 inch length, which is about 7.5 centimeters. It goes without saying that when the length of the rock reservoir sample is larger, the test results better indicate the type of reservoir.”

Narration: For better checks and tests that are required, at first the rock extracted from the depth of the ground is cut into the shape of a cylinder that can be placed in the bucket and then it's saturated with a fluid like water or oil.

At this stage, the rock is placed in a bucket and the remaining space in the bucket is filled with a fluid such as water or oil or even air and the buckets are then attached to the arm and placed in a big compartment called chamber. From this moment onwards and as machine starts operating, the centrifuge process begins. If the fluid extracted from the rock is heavier than the other fluid in the machine, this fluid is accumulated at the bottom of the bucket, which is known as draining. And if it's lighter it accumulates on the upper part of the bucket and near the axis of rotation, which is called inhibition.

In the first stage, the rotation speed is adjusted at a low level until the fluid outlet is stabilized. Then the speed increases and at each speed increase stage, the outlet is recorded according to time and the overall outlet is recorded. This is done with the help of a video processing system, which is analyzed using a software.

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mohammad Reza Isfahani, Expert at Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “The older machines we checked out use a very simple control system. In order to improve the function of this machine, we had to design systems that used modern and updated technologies.

Another major point was that old machines did not contain an imaging system and an image analyzing system. As our friends in the Petroleum Industry Research Institute had suggested, we became obliged to design and build a video imaging system for it so it would be as up to date as the machines that currently exist in the world.”

Narration: These types of centrifuges are made up of several parts. The main compartment is called a chamber which contains the buckets and arms that move around during the centrifuge process. The buckets are attached to the arms and each arm can have up to three buckets attached to it. The bucket is a compartment that holds the samples which have been extracted from the well for the tests. It's made up of a compartment that holds the rock and a graded compartment that holds the testing material.

The engine and the rotational movement system of this engine can move the rotor and moving parts of this machine by up to 16k times per minute. Due to its very high speed, there has been much sensitivity in the design and construction of the electrical engine and vibration controlling system of the machine, which have been built in accordance with the dynamics and functional condition of this device.

This system is responsible for using precision sensors which have been installed on the machine for this purpose and control the temperature, vacuum, vibrations, engine round per minute and rotation time. This set also contains an image processing system, which uses a camera, lens, computer and image processing software to identify the boundary between water and oil and informs the operator.

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Asghar Zarean,Special Assisstant to AEOI Director “With the effort, endeavor, capability, self-esteem and self confidence and making the subject of resistance economy a priority, with God's will, we have been able to design this reactor called the Rock Core Reactor that's used in the field of oil industry research.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mohammad Reza Isfahani, Expert at Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “This machine has been designed and manufactured by the experts at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran. The Rock Core Centrifuge

The latest and most up-to-date world technologies have been used to design and manufacture this machine. I can tell you for sure that this machine lacks nothing compared to foreign made ones, but does have an advantage over them.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mansour Bazmi, Deputy Director, Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “One of the most important characteristics of this machine, which is the result of a teamwork between the Petroleum Industry Research Institute and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, is that this machine has especially been designed for Iran's hydrocarbon reservoirs that are carbonate reservoirs, and this machine is able to extract the optimum information from these reservoirs.

Another characteristic of this machine is the software that's been installed on the device. This software contains information, formulas and equations that have been specifically applied for Iran's hydrocarbon reservoirs.

This machine can be used for hydrocarbon reservoirs in other places, but efforts have been made for the software to conform to our needs and the reservoirs in Iran. Therefore, a fully indigenous device with Iranian technical knowledge, which has been jointly built with the effort of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Petroleum Industry Research Institute will be handed over to the research institute so it would be able to extract the required information about Iran's oil reservoirs.”

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SOUNDBITE [Persian] Asghar Zarean,Special Assisstant to AEOI Director: “Such activities also have a message in the international arena, which is that if they refuse to cooperate, the Islamic Republic of Iran, with the training of specialists in various fields, especially in the nuclear industry, will continue with its progressive activities.

But if they refuse to cooperate or decide to disrupt our activities, we will definitely continue this path of ours and by trusting in and recourse to Infallible Imams, we have so far been able to make achievements in the nuclear industry and complete the fuel cycle despite the difficult conditions.

These additional activities are being achieved through the overflow of knowledge by our young scientists who in addition to their own responsibilities have made additional efforts. Today, they are able to have a positive impact on other industries and proudly help the country become self-sufficient.

With self-esteem, resistance economy has been practiced in the organization since long ago and this ultra centrifuge, which is supposed to be used in the oil industry, is completely indigenous. Since it was exclusive, this monopoly has been broken with this move.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mohammad Reza Isfahani, Expert at Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “This machine has a major advantage compared to its foreign made competitors and that is because the science of designing and the manufacturing of all the components of this machine are indigenous and to produce it, we have no need for assistance from foreign companies, even for production on a large scale.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Mansour Bazmi, Deputy Director, Petroleum Industry Research Institute: “I believe that the joint research between the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran and the Petroleum Industry Research Institute can be a role model for breaking the sanctions and the world should know that if they refuse to provide us with ultra centrifuge machines, with the help of our scientists and specialists, we are capable of building them in the country and supplying the oil industry and other industries. I hope that this trend expands and in the near future we'd be able to produce other required machines through a joint cooperation with various organizations in Iran.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Asghar Zarean, Special Assistant to AEOI Director: Here I should appreciate the support of the Leader of Iran's Islamic Revolution for the nuclear industry, the Government of Hope and Prudence and all the managers at the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, including its director Dr. Salehi whose devout management and self-esteem led the organization to realize commercialization and provide the requirements of other industries.

With God's will, today April 9, 2017, we will be presenting the centrifuge machine built by our scientists and experts to the Petroleum Industry Research Institute so they would be able to use it in order to reach their goals and make achievements in their own field.”

SOUNDBITE [Persian] Ali Akbar Salehi, Director of Atomic Energy Organization of Iran: “Well, this machine has been built and is being handed over to the oil industry. Thank God, it's passed all the required tests and we are happy to have reached a stage that the customer makes a request and we are able to easily design and manufacture it. This is a major achievement that's the fruition of years of experience, perseverance and the efforts of this country's brave children.”

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